Five of The Best Dark Chocolate Bars You Will Ever Taste

By Isabelle Whitaker  ·  25th July 2014  ·  Uncategorized

Image courtesy of Flickr user Lee McCoy

Here at CocoaRunners we LOVE our dark chocolate. Nothing is better than a square or two of top quality artisan chocolate – trust us we’ve tasted over 200! Here we count down the Cocoa Runners Team’s list of five of the best dark chocolate bars you will ever taste. Give them a try and tell us what you think.

5. Zotter Labooko Papua New Guinea 75%


A smooth and intense 75% dark chocolate. Fruity aftertaste, with balsamic overtones.

Zotters are a great chocolate maker, known for their wacky and quirky approach. Founder Josef Zotter loves to experiment with flavours. His filled chocolates include everything from cheese to bacon and vodka to frankincense. But at the heart of everything Zotter do is a simple, ethical approach to chocolate making.


4. Fresco 219 Papua New Guinea 69%

Fresco 219

Made from a light roast and medium conch, this Fresco chocolate – at 69%- is outstanding. Again, it is quite fruity, with a citrus after-taste like no other chocolate. If you like fruity chocolate then this bar isn’t one to miss.

Based in Washington, Fresco run their chocolate making processes quite differently. They release each variation so that we can all see what a difference these subtle changes can make and find our own personal favourites.


3. Taza Chocolate Mexicano Coffee 55%


An unrefined, stone ground chocolate disc with intense roasted coffee flavours. Based in Massachusetts and famous for their traditional style unrefined & stone ground chocolate, Taza make unique chocolate bars that everyone should try.

  • Taza Chocolate - Mexicano Coffee


2. Madecasse Sea Salt & Nibs 63%

Madecasse Salt & Nibs

At 63%, this bar of madagascar origin is quite pale for a dark chocolate. But the salt works well with the sweetness of the cocoa, leaving an aftertaste that is perfectly balance with sweet and salty undertones.

Madécasse makes their chocolate from the bean actually in Madagascar where the cocoa is sourced. They also invest a portion of the money they make from their bars back into the local community. Their chocolate both does good and tastes good!

1. Cacaosuyo Piura Select (70%)



We tried this at our last taste-testing and fell in love. Intensely fruity, this dark bar is made with organic white chocolate beans from the Piura region of Peru. The fruitiness carries on way into the after-taste too before finally fading back to reveal a more rounded, woody flavour. This bar is a great illustration of the range of flavours you can find in intense chocolate.

Cacaosuyo are based in Peru and CEO Sam Giha is a Peruvian-American with a background in the textile industry, so it’s no surprise that Cacaosuyo’s brightly coloured packaging is inspired by traditional Peruvian textiles.And the future looks bright for Cacaosuyo. With their own dedicated factory nearing completion and a range of new chocolates and flavours in development, we think they’re already well on their way to completing their mission of producing some of the best chocolate in Peru – and the world.

Cocoa Runners Taste Test

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