Have You Tried 100% COCOA Chocolate Yet?

By Isabelle Whitaker  ·  27th July 2014  ·  Uncategorized

If you’ve never tried 100% cocoa chocolate, you’re in for an unforgettable experience.

Intense Experience

For any true chocolate lover, a 100% cocoa bar is an undeniably intriguing prospect. Containing absolutely no sugar, it is made of just cocoa mass and a little cocoa butter, and offers a taste that is unparallelled in any other kind of chocolate. We think it’s a great way to show off the natural intensity and flavours present in cocoa.

Tasting 100%

When trying some 100% be sure not to break off a big piece; honestly, a piece half size of your thumb nail will be more than enough to experience the striking flavours. You’ll find that the chocolate coats your tongue as it melts, invading your tastebuds in a way you probably haven’t experienced before. Whilst some find this overwhelming, others love it; you’ll have to see what you think.

It’s also worth trying a bar of 100% cocoa at different times of day too, and tasting it in comparison to other bars.  We always like to keep a glass of water handy when we’re tasting 100% cocoa chocolate to clear our palette in between bars.

Try It Today

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