Keep Your Cool This Summer

By Cocoa Runners  ·  21st July 2014  ·  News and Announcements

With temperatures rising we thought we’d share our top tips to keep your chocolate in sublime condition all summer long.  Although some people keep their bars in the fridge, we’re on a mission to free your bars from refrigeration, liberate them from their frozen captivity and let them breathe!

Our Four Top Tips:

1. Our first top tip is that chocolate should be stored in a cool, dry place – away from overpowering smells and far, far away from anywhere that fluctuates hot or cold. If stored properly in these conditions, your chocolate bars can be saved for well over a year. If you can avoid tucking in for that long…

2. Do not be tempted to store your chocolate in the fridge. We know some of you will still be tempted to put that bar straight onto the top shelf, but here’s why you shouldn’t…condensation. If condensation forms on the surface, it will draw the sugar crystals to the surface – this is called “blooming” in the chocolate industry (because it is blooming annoying when it happens to our lovely chocolate).

3. But don’t let your chocolate get too HOT, HOT, HOT either. Chocolate may not be the best thing to carry around with you on a scorching hot day; you may find that cocoa butter will come to the surface and create a similar “blooming” effect.

4. If possible, keep your chocolate wrapped and store it between 16C and 18C, but for most purposes room temperature is fine.

Summer Delivery

We’re very careful about how we post your Cocoa Runners boxes to you too. When you subscribe, we like to send out your boxes quickly. We hate to think of our boxes sitting lonely in a warehouse somewhere over the weekend, without any chocolate lovers to keep them company.

In that instance, we can’t control the environment and we can’t control how the chocolate arrives to you.  So when the weather is extra hot, we do our best to ensure that your bars arrive with you the next day.  This way, we have the peace of mind of knowing that the best chocolate has arrived to you in the best possible condition.

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