Who Will Be Your Date To The BBC Proms?

By Isabelle Whitaker  ·  21st July 2014  ·  Tastings

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Tanya Hart

This week we’re excited that the excellent BBC Proms are back. It’s that magical time of year when music takes over for the rest of the summer, evenings are whiled away listening to a whole symphony of different music, and balmy summer sunsets are spent lounging around with a glass of wine and now, the perfect chocolate bar as your date. So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce the very first Cocoa Runners Proms Chocolate Pairings. Surely it can only make those performances those little bit more special, right? The Proms pride themselves on having the highest standard of music, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves as a team to put together our own luxury flight of chocolates to match. Rather than sticking to the Bach, Elgar or Mozart, though, we’ve gone a bit off key and picked the only most alternative acts spicing up the summer Proms’ itinerary…

Prom 8: Pet Shop Boys – 23rd July.

As legends Pet Shop Boys make their Proms debut in this Late Night Prom, they bring with them a brand new sultry mix of electronics, orchestra, choir and more. So obviously, the perfect bar to settle down with would have to be equally funky (and just a little bit cool). Made with organic white cocoa beans from the Piura region of Peru, Cacaosuyo’s Piura Select is certainly something a little bit different and unexpected. After a slow build, this chocolate suddenly hits you with a crescendo of vibrant fruity notes before fading back to a more rounded, woody flavour. It was made to be eaten with music! Created with just two ingredients – much like the Pet Shop Boys’ music – we think this bar is a wonderful illustration of the range and intensity of flavours hidden within the simple cocoa bean. Prom 13: CBeebies Prom – Sunday 27th July. This year marks the debut of the CBeebies Prom, allowing children to sample the sights and sounds of the orchestra for the first time, alongside their favourite TV characters. As the perfect introduction to the finest music, surely we had to pair this with the starting block for any fledging fine chocolate fan – Duffy’s Venezuela Ocumare 55%. The description of the event says “The next generation of classical music fans starts here”. Well, this amazing bar by chocolate maker Duffy, could be considered the best milk chocolate ever produced; it has won awards for the best bean-to-bar milk chocolate in the world from both The Academy of Chocolate and the International Chocolate Awards, and we think it’s a must-have.

Prom 45: Late Night with … Laura Mvula – Tuesday 19th August.

Laura Mvula is now a Proms veteran, having performed during last year’s celebrations. So in tribute to this Brit Award winner and Mercury Prize nominated superstar, we could only pick another award winner – nothing less would do. To complement Laura’s raw talent, we could think of nothing better than Pacari’s Raw 70%. Featuring natural green and earthy notes and smooth texture, it is also the Pacari bar’s intensity that makes it an ideal match for the power of Mvula’s silky tones. Whilst most chocolate is made with roasted cocoa, Pacari never let the beans go above 42°C. And, you know, Laura is pretty cool in the music industry right now, having headlined up and coming jazz festival Love Supreme only a couple of weeks ago. See what we did there? Both Laura and Pacari are showcasing new talents in their respective industries – so pair them together on August 19th for an explosion of all the senses.


Prom 71: Americana – Tuesday 9th September.

Towards the end of the Proms comes our very own encore – Prom 71. September the 9th sees American Night arrive, with New Yorker and Principal Conductor Keith Lockhart taking to the stage. With a huge range of genres; folk, classical, jazz, blues and country music taking guests on an exuberant evening journey, we knew our chocolate pairing had to be something pretty special. Forming a harmonious flurry of excitement and a whirlwind of entertainment, only one of our most outragous bars could join the fun! So we’ve invited Massachusetts’ Taza Chocolate Mexicano Guajillo Chili to the party. Taza are famous for their unrefined & stone ground chocolate, which some may find challenging but we think it is rather playful. Gritty but soft, crunchy and packed full of tiny little flavour bursts, this chocolate is studded with a little extra chilli. It’s a surprise – just like country music at the Proms. We have a sneaky feeling the music will undoubtedly win you over, as will this delicious bar with its sweet & spicy personality, complete with a biscuity texture. One for those of you who delight in the unexpected. Want more? Raid our chocolate library here >>