Stop the Press! ‘Chocolate is good for you’ Says 127 Year Old Woman

By Jonathan Roberts  ·  4th September 2014  ·  Uncategorized

This article caught our eye this morning, and we just had to share it. It’s the story of an exceptional 127 year old woman who credits chocolate for her long and healthy life.

We think she might be onto something there, and so does Professor Gary Williamson of Leeds University.

His 2008 study listed dark chocolate as a ‘lifespan essential’ foodstuff, down to the presence of Polyphenols such as Flavonoids (which we have talked about previously), which are widely accepted to help protect against heart disease.

The antioxidants in dark chocolate have also shown potential for fighting Cirrhosis of the liver. Of course, all of this can be completely counteracted if the chocolate is overly sugary or if you consume far too much. As always, we recommend everything in moderation.

To find out a few more reasons why consuming chocolate is good for you, check out our previous blog post.

Here’s a few award winning chocolate bars we recommend you consume whilst reading!