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A Chocolate Teapot is useful? Here’s 5 other Chocolate Inventions we love!

It’s no secret that we absolutely love chocolate.  We think it has many amazing and surprising qualities – we’ve already talked about how its potential health benefits. However, we, like many of you, never expected to come across a useful chocolate teapot.  But science is a wonderful thing. So, whilst nibbling on a few of our award winning bars the team here at Cocoa Runners have been discussing other surprising chocolate items.  After much debate, we managed to narrow it down to a Top 5.  Enjoy…

5. A Hotel Room

In 2011 Karl Largerfeld crafted an entire hotel room from chocolate. Perhaps the most shocking thing is this isn’t the only room made entirely out of chocolate. But for our money its the most elegantly designed and perhaps the most insane of them, but what else would you expect from a man like Lagerfeld.  While we’d be sorely tempted to check in, we’re not sure how much would be left of the room when we check out…

4. Dresses

Whilst the previous idea was essentially just a promotional stunt and never intended to be slept in, models at the Salon Du Chocolate actually wear chocolate dresses down the catwalk. Now given that some dresses can weigh as much as 50kg this gives a whole new meaning to staying cool under pressure…

3. Shoes

On the theme of fashion we were amazed by the “Saffire Slipper” chocolate shoes! We had to admire how beautiful these handcrafted chocolate gifts were and just how much effort must have gone in to making them. With a price tag of £700, they’d certainly be a wonderfully indulgent treat!

2. A Car

There’s also quite the list of full sized guys gadgets made out of chocolate. We didn’t quite believe this when we first heard about it, but there’s a  BMW 1-Series made from an incredible 200 tonnes of chocolate. Now we can honestly think of better uses for so much chocolate, but still, an impressive feat none the less.

1. A Chocolate Saxophone

After visiting the Speciality and Fine Food Fair this morning we really couldn’t leave this off the list. An amazing giant size chocolate Saxophone was the centre piece of this years invent. Created by Master Chocolatiers Phillipe Wall and Jean-Marie Dessard, it was designed in honour of Belgium’s contribution to chocolate and to highlight the fact the Saxophone was invented by a Belgian (Joseph “Adolphe” Sax). To be honest we just wanted to take a bite and see if it tasted as good as it looked.

But still no chocolate fireguard, at least one quip is still available to us. Now if you’re like us you’re probably craving some chocolatey goodness right now, so why not check out our chocolate library, and then let us know what some of your favourites are!


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