International Chocolate Awards 2014

By Jonathan Roberts  ·  27th October 2014  ·  Uncategorized

International Chocolate Awards Collection

Set up only two years ago, the International Chocolate Awards have become a hugely respected and influential body. Reflecting its international character, this years America’s Semi-Final results were announced in London on the 18th October.


From the USA there were awards for Askinosie’s Dark Milk Chocolate and Licorice CollaBARation (TM). Flavoured with Liqourice (or Licorice if you’re American) from Lakritsfabriken, the result is a delightfully different chocolate bar and worthy winner of Gold in the Milk Chocolate Flavoured with Inclusions Category. In addition Dandelion picked up silver in the Dark Single Origin Category for their fruity and intense Ambanja Madagascar, whilst Taza’s Cacao Puro won two golds for their “rough ground” dark bar.

Askinosie Dark Milk Chocolate and Licorice CollaBARation (TM)

Askinosie’s uniquely flavoured Dark Milk Chocolate and Licorice CollaBARation (TM) was a worthy winner of Gold in the Milk Chocolate Flavoured with Inclusions category

South America

Adding to their geographic cross pollination, Martin, Marcel and their team this year extended their coverage to add a category for chocolate makers in South America, Asia and Africa. Santiago and his crew from Pacari again did Ecuador proud, winning a score of awards.  We were also delighted to see CacaoSuyo pick up awards for some of their new bars that we’ll be bringing in shortly – their Camu Camu Yakon won a gold and their Lakuna won silver.


Santiago and the crew at Pacari deservedly won a host of awards. Two of the award winning bars are featured in our collections.

Africa and Asia

Marou also won gold with a new 85% bar, based on their Treasure Island beans, called Tan Phu Dong 85% that we hope to have soon.   And then from Africa we were delighted to congratulate Chocolate Madagascar for winning awards for their white, milk and dark bars.

To celebrate these fantastic awards we’ve put together two delicious collections. However, as the ICA team keep the judging under tight wraps, we had no advanced notice of who would win, and consequently stock is very, very limited.