Introducing Original Beans 5th Anniversary Bars

By Jonathan Roberts  ·  2nd October 2014  ·  Uncategorized

5 years of great bars from Original Beans

We are delighted to bring to you four brand new bars from Original Beans. Created to celebrate Original Beans’ 5th birthday, these bars explore new geographies (Indonesian Papua), and new chocolate types, with Edel Weiss, a white chocolate made with Swiss Milk and no vanilla (unusual for a white chocolate bar).

Not only do these bars taste amazingly good, but they do good too.  With these bars, comes a new twist to Original Beans’ promise to plant a new cacao tree in the Congolese rainforest for every bar sold.  With every sale of the new Femmes de Virunga milk bar one new tree is given to a female cacao farmer in Virunga.

Papua Kerafat

Original Beans Papua Kerafat

An atypical Papuan bar the Kerafat is deliciously smooth and fruity.

Made with beans from Indonesian Papua this bar is atypical of chocolate from the area. It is both smoother and has less of the smokey, roasted notes than a normal bar from Papua New Guinea. This alone makes it a deliciously different tasting experience and is a consequence of the beans being dried more traditionally than the typical Papuan manner of roasting them over fires. Combined with its notes of Citrus, pear and dried fruits and you have a delightfully different way to enjoy Papuan chocolate.

Grand Cru Blend

Original Beans Grand Cru Blend

An intense 80% cacao content with no added cocoa butter.

The Grand Cru Blend is an 80% cocoa bar with an immensely intense taste, courtesy of its creation using only cocoa beans and can sugar with no added cocoa butter. Its powerful fruit notes and roasted flavour make the Gran Kru Blend a complex pleasure for the palate. One to perhaps savour slowly with guests and a glass of good quality red wine.

Femmes de Virunga

Original Beans Femmes de Virunga

Packing a mighty 55% Cacao content this dark milk bar simply oozes richness.

This milk bar packs a mighty 55% cacao content and oozes richness with some great coffee notes. Mixed in with notes of roasted Hazlenuts this is another delightfully complex bar. A perfect complement for your coffee, whatever type you have and whatever time of day you have it.

Edel Weiss

Original Beans Edel Weiss

Made with no added Vanilla this white bar is deliciously different.

White chocolate normally relies on vanilla flavouring, but not Original Beans Edel Weiss. Instead it is a mixture 40% Trinatario cocoa from the Yina River Valley in the Dominican Republic and Swiss alpine milk. This combination works wonderfully resulting in a deliciously sweet and creamy bar. With its rich notes of Banana Milk this bar is definitely worth a try.

So if this is whetting your epicurean appetite why not try these brand new bars today, all available for just £3.95.