Remember, remember…

By Jonathan Roberts  ·  5th November 2014  ·  Uncategorized

Remember, remember the Fifth of November…

Smoke will be in the air tonight. A bonfire, a burning Guy, watching fireworks with friends, and why not an artisan chocolate bar from Papua New Guinea as a sweet treat? With their delicious, typically smokey and roasted flavours they are the perfect bar to enjoy during the firey festivities of Guy Fawkes.

Why are they smokey?

Unlike most areas where cacao is grown, the high rainfalls in Papua New Guinea mean it is not practical to dry the pods in the sun. Instead, the beans are dried by open fires, which infuses the beans, and consequently the bars, with a natural smokiness. Beautiful flavours ideal for the smokey fun of bonfire night.  If you love the smokey sweetness of barbecue sauce, this is one for you.

Header image Credit: Flickr User Aff Photography