Grenada Chocolate Company Is Back In Stock

By Elizabeth  ·  27th February 2015  ·  Site News, Tastings

IMPORTANT NEWS: All the sensational bars from the Grenada Chocolate Company, are now back in stock!

This chocolate has an amazing journey. Back in 1999 Mott Green established the Grenada Chocolate Company, one of the first companies to make chocolate in a chocolate growing country.

Along with his partners, Mott worked with small cocoa farmers and as many as 50 factory employees during peak operations, all of whom earned the same salary, and helped launch the “bean to bar” movement.

Sadly Mott passed away almost two years ago, but thanks to heroic efforts at the factory and the support of Chantal Cody (founder of Rococo), Grenada Chocolate Company bars are now once again available.

The factory is run by solar power, and the bars are transported by means including sail boat and bicycle. And not only are they some of the most ethical chocolate bars in the world, but they are completely, and utterly, delicious.

Celebrate with us by saving £5 on the new Grenada Chocolate Company Collection today, by using the code GRENADA* at the checkout.  Order before 6th March to take advantage of this offer.

Read more about the inspiring story of the late Mott Green and his wonderful company here.

The Grenada Chocolate Company Collection

Grenada Chocolate Company Collection