Introducing A Book And A Bar

By Elizabeth  ·  3rd February 2015  ·  Site News

pushkin books and chocolate

Here at Cocoa Runners, we know there is only one thing better than curling up with a good book, and that’s curling up with a good book and an amazing bar of chocolate. So we’ve joined forces with Pushkin Press to create the perfect series of gifts for book-worms and chocolate-lovers alike.

The Pushkin Collection is a beautifully designed, wide-ranging series of 20th century classics from around the world. The collection invites English-speaking readers to discover – or rediscover – authors from across the globe. The elegant series style, designed by David Pearson and Clare Skeats, is a beautifully crafted arrangement of the modern and traditional.

Each pairing has been lovingly crafted – with a book to be enjoyed forever, and one bar (or two!) that might not last quite as long…

I Was Jack Mortimer…

I was jack mortimer and zotter for those in love

…tells the tale of a taxi-driver in 1930’s Vienna, who impersonates a murder-victim with sinister consequences.

Zotter ‘For Those in Love’ is a selection of two smaller bars. One 60% single origin dark chocolate from Ecuador, which is slightly sweet with an intense chocolatey flavour. The second is made with a finely ground dried raspberry powder. The result is something deliciously fruity, sweet and beautifully deep pink in colour. Two entirely different, but beautifully complimentary bars.

Love in a Bottle…

Love in a bottle and Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé

…is a selection of Antal Szerb’s stories and novellas. Set first in a quasi-mythical past and then in the London and Paris of the Thirties, they provide an exhilarating guide to the writer’s development, from precocious beginnings to a masterful maturity.

In these unforgettable tales, Szerb displays his irrepressible love of life and the gentle irony that became his hallmark.

This book comes with two full-sized Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé ‘Kardamom 77%’ – a beautiful chocolate that looks almost as good as it tastes. Made with organic cane sugar and added cardamom for a wonderfully deep and gently spicy flavour.

Salad Anniversary…

salad anniversary and jordis chocolate

…by Machi Tawara took the world by storm when it was first released, and has become something of a cult classic. It is written in Tanka poetry, and although light and accessible,  Machi received multiple awards and international recognition for her writing. It is a book about the small events in life, and is as perfectly humorous as it is wonderfully touching.

This book comes with a full-sized bar of Jordi’s ‘Matcha’ – an unusual white chocolate made with Japanese green Matcha tea powder.

Dear Reader…

dear reader and pralus chocolate

…by Paul Fournel takes a wry, affectionate look at the world of publishing, books and authors, and is a funny, moving story about the passing of the old and the excitement of the new.

This book comes with a full-sized Pralus ‘Melissa Milk 45%’ – A bar with a wonderful creamy and chocolatey flavour, and hints of banana, caramel and honey.

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