How Well Do You Know Your Valentine?

By Elizabeth  ·  11th February 2015  ·  Site News

There’s nothing quite like being in love. Having someone who knows you and your taste inside and out. Someone who books tickets to see that film you’d been wanting to see and who knows just which section of the Sunday paper when it lands on the doormat. Somebody who knows exactly how you take your tea and who always lets you have the last square of your favourite chocolate bar.

We’d all like to think we know that special someone very well, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to show them just how well you know their tastes. But when it comes to choosing a personal gift that shows exactly how attuned to their tastes you are, so many presents are sadly lacking.

Which is where our Taste Test comes in.  Answer our quick questions with your Valentine’s tastes in mind and we’ll find you a gift that shows how well you know them.

Think about your loved one. Do they love or loathe asparagus? Do they take their orange juice smooth or with juicy bits? Are they sweet on strawberries or do raspberries leave them in a sour mood? It takes less than five minutes and once you’ve taken the test, we’ll share four bars that we think they’ll absolutely love. What’s more, if you order them today, you’ll receive 10% off the bars we recommend.

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