Cocoa Runners on Sunday Brunch

By Elizabeth  ·  30th March 2015  ·  Site News, Tastings

We were delighted to accept Channel 4’s invitation to spread the word about small batch, single estate chocolate on Sunday Brunch this weekend.  Spencer appeared on the show to talk about four fantastic bars from the world of small batch, artisan chocolate.  He took Simon and Tim on a tasting journey, taking in bars made in USA, UK, Iceland and Ecuador with cacao from around the globe.

Four Fantastic Bars

We shared four fantastic bars with Tim and Simon on Sunday Brunch.  First off was Omnom’s Papua New Guinea bar.  Made by this quirky company in a disused petrol station on the outskirts of Reykjavik, this bar has much of the smokiness that you’d expect to find in a Papua New Guinean cacao.  This is counterbalanced by a lingering sweetness that reminds us of a super sticky barbecue sauce.

Next up was a pair of bars made from Bertil Akesson’s fruity Madagascan beans.  First, the bar from Mast Brothers.  Originally making chocolate in Madagascar, this innovative new maker is now crafting bars in Shoreditch.  With the signature coarse texture of Mast’s bars, this bar is sure to please those who love their chocolate to have a little crunch.  In contrast, Pump Street’s 72% Madagascan bar is incredible smooth and creamy in strict contrast to it’s distinctive tang.  Finally, they tasted a raw chocolate from Pacari.  This maker ensures that the temperature of the beans never rises above 42 degrees during the chocolate making process.  The resulting chocolate is wonderfully grassy and packed full of antioxidants.

Try Them Today

Great news!  We’ve brought these four bars together into a gift collection that you can buy for just £24.95.

Missed The Show?

You can watch it right here until 30th April: Watch Now (It’s about 61min in.  Please note: Flash Player required)