Ces barres, ils sont infernales…

By Elizabeth  ·  30th April 2015  ·  Site News, Tastings

Pralus Barre Infernale

This week we say ‘Bonjour’ to three fantastic new arrivals from across the channel…

While a special part of our hearts will always belong to single estate chocolate bars, we have a confession to make.  We’re always intrigued by new and unusual ways to enjoy artisan chocolate. From Original Beans’ Chocolate Buttons to Favarger’s Hot Chocolate,  Friis-Holm and Svenningson’s Co-Creation to our own After Dinner Rounds, there are so many wonderful ways to enjoy the best chocolate in the world.  And moreover, so many of these lend themselves to sharing the world’s finest chocolates with friends.

Which is why we were particularly thrilled to discover Barre Infernale from Pralus.  Something of a cult classic in the chocolate world, these bars have been one of Pralus’ best kept secrets for some time.   Weighing in at a mighty 160g each, they look more like a gold bar than a traditional chocolate bar.  And once you unwrap the wrapper, you’ll discover so many layers of texture and flavour.


Each bar has a crisp artisan chocolate shell made from Pralus’ chocolate.  While the brave (and hungry!) may take a bite, we recommend slicing the bar for a striking surprise.  As beneath their artisan chocolate surface, there lies an unexpected treat.

At the heart of each bar is a rich praline centre with whole hazelnuts set within.  As one of France’s oldest chocolate makers, Pralus has a strong tradition in making both chocolate bars and filled chocolates.  For us, Barre Infernale unites the best of both worlds.  So let’s meet the Barres…

Barre Infernale Lait


Creamy, rich and sweet; this is the Barre Infernale for those who like their chocolate a little sweeter.  Beneath the 45% shell, lies a nutty surprise.  The nuts that lie within the smooth praline centre add a fantastic crunch to this otherwise silky bar.  This has proved to be a firm favourite for many within the Cocoa Runners team – we find it almost impossible to have just one slice of this incredibly tempting bar from Pralus.  

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 Barre Infernale Noir


Barre Infernale Noire is anything but a typical dark chocolate bar.  Barre Infernale Noire has the distinctive fruitiness of Madagascan cacao, with a rich intensity.  Beneath the smooth surface of the dark chocolate outer lies the praline centre that gives this bar its decidedly nutty finish.  The team found this to be the most intense of the Barre Infernales.  It has a flavour that lasts and lasts and most of us enjoyed just the one slice.  We think that a piece of this Bar Infernale Noire would be perfect with a glass of red wine, or perhaps after a hearty steak supper.

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Barre Infernale Orange


Smooth, intense, fruity, nutty; this bar has it all.  As you cut through the dark outer shell you’ll be greeted by a flash of orange.  But don’t let the bright colours deceive you – this praline centre is an intriguing combination of citrus fruit and nuts that we find very hard to resist.  The Barre Infernale Orange is as striking as it is delicious and would make for a fabulous conversation piece after a meal.  Weighing in at 160g, it’s certain a bar that’s crying out to be shared with good friends.

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