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Can I eat chocolate if I’m pregnant?

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There is some discussion and confusion over whether women should eat chocolate when they are pregnant. At Cocoa Runners, the chocolate from our makers does not contain caffeine so pregnant women have no need to worry about our bars adding to their daily caffeine intake! All our bars have short, simple ingredients lists with no nasty additives.

You don’t need to steer clear from chocolate! In fact, chocolate has a number of benefits for pregnant women and their babies:

1. Cocoa contains Theobromine, which helps regulate the blood pressure of pregnant women. Eating dark chocolate can help prevent pre-eclampsia, one of the causes of premature birth.

2. Chocolate makes you feel happy! It improves mothers’ moods and relieves tension and stress. A New Scientist study also found that stressed mothers who ate chocolate gave birth to happier and livelier babies!

3. Chocolate has lots of immune boosting antioxidants, as well as vital nutrients such as magnesium and iron. Magnesium helps the metabolism of fatty acids and the antioxidants in dark chocolate are significant in preventing heart disease.

4. Dark chocolate also aids the reduction of women’s cholesterol levels, when eaten in moderation.

Dark chocolate is recommended over milk to pregnant women, as it has many more health benefits. Here at Cocoa Runners we have a wide range of dark bars and dark chocolate subscription options to satisfy all those pregnancy cravings!

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