Introducing Seaforth Chocolate

By Cocoa Runners  ·  19th February 2016  ·  New Makers

Introducing Seaforth

This week we’re saying ahoy to new maker Abe Seaforth, originally from South Africa and now based here in the UK. Based on the Isle of Wight (for now), Abraham Seaforth has combined his two passions: chocolate and sailing. We sat down with him recently to find out more about his passion.

What’s your background? Why and how did you get into chocolate?

I have always been making things, paintings and in particular sculpture. I had a large studio space in Brighton where I made large scale wooden sculptures out of tree trunks. I decided to do an arts degree and was lucky enough to earn a place on the Arts Practice course at Goldsmiths College in New Cross, London. It’s only then when I really questioned the materiality of things and how things are made. In my opinion, bean-to-bar chocolate questions this as well. Before bean-to-bar chocolate nobody really looked at the ingredients list of chocolate and questioned why we need all these emulsifiers and additional flavours. The minimal, hands on approach of bean-to-bar really captivated me and I started making chocolate in my home. Just like good art, it makes you believe that anything is possible.

We know you transport all your beans via boat, can you tell us a little more about what inspired you to do this?

I have known about Fairtransport Shipping for a while. When I discovered bean-to-bar chocolate, I found the ideal raw food ingredient to be shipped back to England via Fairtransport Shipping. From the start it was important to promote goods imported under sail. I have never really set out to become an eco-warrior, but like Jacques Cousteau said, “People protect what we love.” I love sailing and spending time at the sea, but more than that I would like to make a difference and I think that having zero carbon foot print from port to port is a good start.

Have you got any new beans or bars you have in mind for the future?

Next, I am expanding my range of bars from pure chocolates to flavoured bars, something for everyone and aim to add a new cacao origins every year. Sourcing beans starts by looking at the Tres Hombres’s schedule to coordinates the beans arrival to the port with the arrival of the Tres Hombres. I have good relationships with Abel Fernandez in the Dominican Republic and Kim Russell in Grenada.

What is your favourite food and wine?

I do not like pretentious food. An ideal meal would usually include a salad. I like Greek style food, of course even better enjoyed in Greece – roasted squid, taramasalata, saganaki, Greek salad and honey balls. My favourite places to eat in London is Leila’s cafe in Shoreditch at Arnold Circus, The Garrison in Bermondsey Street and Randall and Aubin in Brewer Street. My favourite cocktail is an Aviation and wine – whatever is appropriate for the occasion.

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