The December 2017 Collection

By Elizabeth  ·  8th December 2017  ·  Uncategorized

Welcome to our final box of 2017.

We’ve had yet another fantastic year of craft chocolate – from meeting new makers, to visiting farmers at origin to building even stronger bonds with our incredible craft chocolate community.

We are delighted to say we now have nearly 100 chocolate makers and almost 900 bars in our Chocolate Library. But none of this would ever be possible without you. Our subscribers are absolutely at the core of Cocoa Runners.

It’s for you that we are always on the lookout for new makers, asking questions, and seeking to find out more about the world of craft chocolate.

And so for your ongoing support of Cocoa Runners, craft chocolate (not to mention the farmers and maker that make it possible) we thank you. We hope you enjoy this final craft chocolate selection. We encourage you to take a moment to look back and savour the memories of all the craft chocolate we’ve delivered to you this year.


First for this final box, we are delighted to share with you a bar from Naïve’s new collection. We have been a huge fan of Naïve’s creations, as well as their slow food ethos for years. And earlier this year head chocolate maker Domantas Uzpalis three brand new collections of bars. Each wonderful collection is focused on the ingredients and origins. Domantas has sourced rare cacaos, ingredients from the equatorial region as well as local Lithuanian flavours in order to craft these bars.

As well as old favourites, like Naïve’s Porcini bar, there are is also a whole new world of bars to try in the Chocolate Library.


Next we have a Brazilian bar from Georgia Ramon. When chocolate-industry insider Georg Bernadini finally decided to create his own company we were delighted. We have been working with Georg for over a year, and his wealth of chocolate knowledge never ceases to amaze us. Georg has sourced this cacao from Fazenda Camboa in the northern Bahia region of Brazil. The Fazenda has been owned by the Carvalho family since 1982 and it is now the largest bio plantation in Brazil as well as paying its farmers an annual premium based on their shared ownership in the annual production.

You can discover Georgia Ramon’s Brazilian bar from this month’s box here and the rest of its bars in the Chocolate Library.


Next, we are very excited to bring you a bar from Mirzam. This is the first chocolate maker we have welcomed from the Middle East. While the climate can be a little tricky, Mirzam’s location in Dubai has many advantages. Here it is at the centre of the ancient roads that connected Europe and Asia. The history and stories of the maritime Spice Route inspire all of Mirzam’s chocolate recipe. It selects the finest ingredients that have traditionally be grown, bought and sold along this ancient trade route.

You can discover Mirzam’s India bar from this month’s box here and the rest of its bars in the Chocolate Library.


Finally we finish off with a spicy, festive bar from Jordi’s. The kick of sweet ginger, is the perfect combination of sweetness, intensity and warmth to get you through the cold months. Jordi’s was the Czech Republic’s first ever craft chocolate maker. Based in Hradec Králové, 50 miles east of Prague, Jiri and Lukas first started crafted chocolate in 2012. Their return to traditional artisan techniques quickly generated a huge amount of local interest and led to appearances on national TV.

You can discover Jordi’s Dark Ginger bar from this month’s box here and the rest of its bars (including Sheep’s and Goat’s Milk) in the Chocolate Library.

From everyone here at Cocoa Runners, we wish you a wonderful end to the year. We can promise that 2018 has plenty more craft chocolate discovery and joy instore!

And don’t forget to browse our seasonal gift collections. We have a range of delicious craft chocolate gifts to suit every occasion. No matter whether you’re looking for a little something to put under the tree, a luxury hamper for a dinner party or you want to make someone’s 2018 truly exceptional with a year’s worth of chocolate, we have the perfect presents for you!