The January 2018 Collection

By Elizabeth  ·  25th January 2018  ·  Uncategorized

Over the past few months we’ve already started planning the delicious surprises you will discover in 2018. We are very excited to help you dive deeper into the expanding world of craft chocolate. We want to start the year as we mean to go on – bringing you incredible chocolate from rare origins, innovative new makers and world-famous artisans. We genuinely believe that the Cocoa Runner’s Monthly Collection is the best way to try the most exciting and delicious craft chocolate. This year we want to delight you and your taste buds at least as much as last year.


To begin the New Year in style we have a very special Cocoa Runners exclusive from Fruition. Crafted just for us, Brian and Dahlia worked closely with the farmers at Ingemann in Nicaragua to source the cacao. Next we have a bar from new Danish maker Oialla. We first met the team at Oialla through our mutual friend Friis Holm and have been working over the past six months to be able to bring you this bar.


Then we have a rare bar from Chocolat Madagascar. The dark chocolate has been crafted using cacao beans grown on a single plantation in Madagascar, Domaine de Vohibinany. Finally we finish with a rare origin bar from Zotter. Joseph Zotter has managed to seek out cacao from the West African state of Togo.


We hope you enjoy this box and wish you a New Year full of chocolate and happiness!




We are truly delighted to bring you this wonderful Cocoa Runners exclusive bar from Fruition. The smooth, dark chocolate that reveals layers of intense flavour mixed with sweetness. Strong honey notes leap out from the first bite.  This develops into a richer caramel flavour, with hints of walnuts.


Fruition is a small batch bean to bar chocolate workshop located in the Catskill Mountains of New York, and run by husband and wife team, Brian and Dahlia. Bryan and Dahlia at Fruition worked in partnership with the team of cocoa bean experts at Ingemann in Nicaragua to find just the right Chuno cacao. Chuno is a very rare cacao exclusively found in Nicaragua. Chuno has been internationally awarded Heritage Cacao status thanks to its fine flavour.


You can discover Fruition’s Chuno Dark from this month’s box here, and the rest of Fruition’s bars in the Chocolate Library here.




We’ve been speaking to the team at Oialla for over six months that to make sure you get to try this delicious and sustainable chocolate. Oialla is a Danish chocolate maker, with a very particular focus. All Oialla’s chocolate bars are crafted from Bolivian ‘wild’ cacao beans. The cacao has grown wild in the rainforests of the Beni province since anyone can remember. The cacao grows on small islets, which in the wet season become islands and can only be reached by boat!


Oialla goes the extra mile when it comes to bean sourcing. The team works closely with local growers at source who harvest, dry and ferment the beans. Once these necessary and precise steps have been expertly completed by the farmers, the cacao is sent to Denmark by boat. Here Oialla crafts the beans into delicate and aromatic chocolate with a wonderful hint of honey.

You can discover Oialla’s full range of bars in the Chocolate Library here.




This dark chocolate is the first to be crafted from a newly cultivated, single estate in Madagascar. It is rare to find such a buttery dark chocolate bar with such a multitude of complimentary flavours. We noted hints of mushroom and truffles, along with bright green olives. Finally enjoy a hint of effervescent citrus.


Domaine de Vohibinany is located on the east coast in remote rainforest areas. This is the region where the Indri, largest Lemur of Madagascar resides. Access is by river and boat. The climate and soil are very different, as the rainy season is longer and higher humidity in the air. All these factors work together to create a particular ‘terroir’ which gives this specific Madagascan chocolate such a distinct flavour.


You can discover Chocolat Madagascar’s Dark from this month’s box here, and the rest of Chocolat Madagascar’s bars in the Chocolate Library here.




We have been working with Joseph Zotter and his team for many years now. His bars never disappoint, and this is no exception. This slightly lighter dark chocolate bar has a sweet and delicate flavour. The bar has a double cream taste which then reveals gentle touches of malted biscuits. We detected a hint of cinnamon on the finish.


Made in Austria by Joseph Zotter, this chocolate bar was the first ever bar to be made exclusively with organic and fair trade cocoa from Togo.  Joseph Zotter was to able find these beans with the help of Gebana. The organisation supports 1750 small farmers and together they have started the project for fairness and environmental protection. It is a very important initiative and signifies a small revolution, which Zotter is very keen to support.


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