The September 2018 Collection

By Harmony Marsh  ·  20th September 2018  ·  This Month's Box

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Bean Origin: Costa Rica Cocoa Content: 70%

This month we welcome our first maker from Estonia, Chocokoo. Founder Kristel Lankots was a board member working at a road construction company, when in 2015 she decided to do something she was truly passionate about.

A supremely smooth and buttery texture marks out this dark bar. Honey drenched fruit are balanced by light acidity. Hints of sun-ripened apricots blend into sweet lemon to create a gently tangy finish. 

Wrapped in paper designed with Nordic mittens in mind, Chocokoo is Estonia’s first bean to bar chocolate maker. Founder Kristel Lankots wanted to do something new that she really loved, which she could truly call her own. Equipped with a degree in economics and business management, Kristel founded Chocokoo with the aspiration to create something tangible from her hard work. For this bar Kristel has sourced her cacao from farmers in the Upala region of norther Costa Rica.


Bean Origin: Belize Cocoa Content: 70%

Next we’ve a wonderful dark chocolate bar from Dandelion. Dandelion has sourced its beans from Maya Mountain in Belize. Beginning in 2010, Maya Mountain was a pioneer of the bean-to-bar revolution. The organisation (part of what is now Uncommon Cacao) is dedicated to providing market access for smallholder cacao farmers.

The bar’s distinctive texture is not quite smooth, but melts nicely on the tongue. The bar has a fresh profile with mixed fruit notes. Sharp cherries and green grapes come through, along with a tangy hint of pineapple on the finish.

Dandelion Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker that crafts bars in the Mission District of San Francisco. Dandelion takes a very thorough and careful approach to its supply chain, hence the company’s long collaboration with Maya Mountain. Maya Mountain Cacao was set up in 2010. The four founders wanted to explore Belize as a premium cacao origin, but also bring economic benefits to local farmers. Maya Mountain now works with over 300 local farmers. As



Bean Origin: Brazil Cocoa Content: 75%

Next, another new maker, this time from Brazil.   Luiza and Diego of Amma have been growing and selling the finest Brazilian cacao to makers worldwide (including Pralus) for almost two decades so we are delighted to share their own interpretation of their beans.

This dark chocolate is generously sprinkled with pieces of roasted cacao nib, creating a satisfyingly crunchy texture. Sour yet sweet, hints of Morello cherry lead into light aromas of jasmine and honeysuckle.

Amma’s story begins in 2002, with Luiza and Diego returning to traditional cacao growing family farms in the South of Bahia, Brazil. They wanted to promote organic cacao in these areas, which would in turn ensure the preservation of the forest and the livelihood of the families of rural workers in the region. After a few years of selling their beans to some of the world’s best chocolate makers, in 2007 the pair teamed up with Frederick Schilling to make their own bars. 



Bean Origin: Guatemala Cocoa Content: 62%

Finally we’ve a wonderful new bar from our friends at Georgia Ramon. Ever experimenting and refining their techniques, they have used rare Guatemalan cacao and have chosen not to conche the bar, giving it a unique texture.

A dark milk bar with an intentionally grainy texture. As it melts, deep, warming flavours burst forth. Gentle spiced hints of cardamom mix with malt to create a sweet flavour reminiscent of a winter cookie. 

Georgia Ramon is a great believer in the importance of transparency. Founders Georg and Ramona disclose details of the roast, conche and grind times on each of their bars. The cacao for this bar has undergone a medium roast, followed by a 72hr grind. It has not been conched, resulting in the unusual texture. This transparency extends to their cacao sourcing. The Guatemalan beans in this bar were sourced from the Cooperative Fedecovera Q’Eqchi Mayas farmers.

This collection is featured as our Box Of The Month for the special price of £24.95 while stocks last until late October 2018.

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