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By Harmony Marsh  ·  20th October 2018  ·  This Month's Box

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This month we’ve four incredible bars from makers worldwide, each using a very special cacao from a different terroir. 


Bean Origin: Peru Cocoa Content: 50%

First from Marana is a bar using beans from the Piura Region of Peru. The wonderful cacao farmers in the region produce beans with a vibrant and fruity flavour profile, which Marana has brought out wonderfully.

This fudgy milk bar has a soft and crumbly texture whilst maintaining a distinct creaminess throughout. A gentle sweetness and a creamy milk flavour blends in with subtle hints of violet, rose and orange blossom.

Showcasing some of Peru’s best beans is the principle goal for Marana. It wants to do this by fostering close relationships with the farmers and supporting them to grown the finest Peruvian cacao. Through its distinctive packaging, Marana has sought to represent the cultural identity and heritage of their nation. The bars within the Piura collection are inspired by renowned Peruvian painter, Pancho Fierro and created by a local Peruvian artist in watercolours.



Bean Origin: Vietnam Cocoa Content: 78%

Next we skip over to Italy, where Ruket has crafted this limited edition bar from a single crop of Vietnamese cacao from Lam Dong Province. The cool, lush forests of Vietnam’s Central Highlands lend the cacao its distinctive profile.

Rich flavours of raisins and prunes balance sweetness and tannins. The smooth bar also has a distinctive creamy flavour that mixes with wild honey. The finish is dominated by honey and a touch of mixed spice.

Ruket is an Italian craft chocolate maker in Sant’Agostino. The founders Alessandro and Marco have always loved food and been fascinated by traditional, artisanal production.  Marco wanted to find the very best chocolate for his ice cream parlour, and he asked Alessandro to help him, from this Ruket was born. For this limited edition bar, they have got hold of a limited supply of Vietnamese cacao from Lam Dong Province.



Bean Origin: Madagascar Cocoa Content: 70%

Now from New Zealand maker Hogarth we’ve a bar using Bertil Akesson’s Madagascan cacao. There are a highly sought after bean, and we loved tasting Hogarth’s interpretation of this bean.

The dark chocolate melts with a slightly fudgy, almost grainy texture. The bar’s fruity profile has little red berry but plenty of zesty citrus fruits. A drying but chocolatey note counteracts the acidity, creating a very well-balanced bar.

Former fisherman and sailor Karl Hogarth was first inspired by craft chocolate when on a trip to South America he tasted chocolate made from pure cacao. For this bar, Karl has taken Akesson’s renowned Madagascan beans and crafted them into a bar infused with his own distinctive style. He described the experience of using these sought-after beans, ‘When the chocolate is being made in our factory the air is rich with acidic fruit aroma being given off by the beans.’



Bean Origin: Indonesia Cocoa Content: 70%

Finally all the way from Indonesia we have a new bar. Krakakoa has worked with cacao farmers in South Sumatra to create this bar. The hot and humid tropical rainforests and the rich system of rivers create a  unique bean.

This aromatic dark chocolate exudes a vibrant flavour profile, one that reflects the cacao’s distinctive and unique origin. Expect flavours that range from spicy to fruity, with cranberry, forest honey, and ginger.

Krakakoa’s name took inspiration from the volcano “Krakatoa” to reflect the chocolate as being proudly Indonesian. For this particular bar, founders Sabrina and Simon worked with cacao farmers in the Sedayu village on the wild land of South Sumatra. Sumatra was one of the first islands to grow cacao in Indonesia. Home to animal filled jungles, nutrient-rich soils and rainforests, and peacefully deserted beaches; it’s a juxtaposed island that nourishes and nurtures.


This collection is featured as our Box Of The Month for the special price of £24.95 while stocks last until late November 2018.

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