By Elizabeth  ·  18th November 2018  ·  New Products

With under five weeks until Christmas, today we present our edit of seven superb craft chocolate bars that are sure to fill you with festive cheer. And if you’re looking to treat someone else, these showstopping chocolate bars will delight chocolate lovers of any age.

Our makers have been hard at work crafting exceptional chocolate delicately infused with all the flavours of the season.

This year, our holiday bars come from makers around the world. We’ve milk chocolate made in the UK and Iceland, and dark chocolate bars that hail from Madagascar, Germany and the Czech Republic.

We’ve also a very special bar from American maker Taza. This dark chocolate bar with Gingerbread Cookie sees Taza take its signature stone-ground 60% and flavoured it with ginger, cinnamon and a whole load of warming spices.

We hope you enjoy!


Chocolarder – Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh | £6.95

All three kings come together in this spectacularly festive bar from Chocolarder.

The Peruvian dark chocolate is bursting with earthy caramel flavours. Chocolarder has then blended frankincense and myrrh into the chocolate.

The bar is topped with edible gold leaf to give a final festive flourish.


Taza – Gingerbread Cookie | £6.95

This festive limited edition sees Taza take its signature stone-ground 60% and flavoured it with ginger, cinnamon and a whole load of warming spices.

This Gingerbread Cookie Bar is simply bursting with irresistable festive flavours!


Pump Street Chocolate – Panettone | £6.25

This dark chocolate with Panettone inclusions is sweet, perfumed, and utterly delightful. The sugar crystals make for an authentic touch of the real deal, and create a beautiful texture contrast against the creamy 70% dark chocolate. The armagnac brandy is subtle, but ever so warming on the palate.


Menakao – Dark Chocolate with Orange & Cranberries | £3.95

The Madagascan chocolate maker has crafted this bar on the island using local ingredients. This is a rare with chocolate – it’s estimated that less than 5% of the world’s chocolate is made in the same country the cocoa is grown.

The bright and juicy dark chocolate is given an even fruitier twist thanks to the addition of orange peel and cranberries. The sweet but tart dried fruit give the bar a fabulously festive flavour that reminds us of richly spiced mulled wine and satsumas.


Taza – Cinnamon | £5.95

Rather than being refined and conched until smooth, Taza simply grinds the cocoa beans with sugar and spice in a traditional Mexican stone mill called a molino.

The resulting chocolate has a coarse, almost biscuity texture and a sweet flavour that lets you taste the cocoa, sugar and spices individually. We particularly love this cinnamon version for its gently warming flavour that always leaves us wanting more.


Chocolate Tree – Whisky & Cocoa Nibs | £5.95

The bar is crafted in Chocolate Tree’s workshop just outside Edinburgh. Husband and wife Ali and Frederike founded Chocolate Tree in 2009. This bar brings Chocolate Tree’s Scottish roots together with its carefully sourced cacao.

Chocolate Tree has hand-crafted the bar from a blend of South American Cacao. It has then soaked the more of these cacao nibs in Scottish single malt whisky from Islay. Islay whisky is renowned for its peaty and smoked notes. The whisky evaporates while the whisky’s distinctive aroma infuses the cacao beans. Chocolate Tree mixes the nibs in with the chocolate, infusing a subtle hint of whisky to the chocolate.


Georgia Ramon – Dark Chocolate with Kardamom | £6.95

A delicious dark chocolate bar with a cardamom twist. We love this aromatic, flavoured dark chocolate bar. Made from a blend of Ecuadorian and Dominican cocoa, the inclusion of cardamom in this bar gives the chocolate a wonderfully spicy kick and distinctive chai notes.


Jordi’s – Dark Chocolate With Ginger | £4.95

Czech maker Jordi’s has crafted a bittersweet dark chocolate with crystallised ginger.

Large chewy chunks of ginger are sprinkled on top of the smooth dark chocolate.

The sweet ginger lends the bar a gently spiced and warming flavour, which is just what you need on a cold winter’s night.