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By Harmony Marsh  ·  20th November 2018  ·  This Month's Box

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As we head into winter, we’ve four delicious craft chocolate bars to help keep you warm. 



Bean Origin: Blend Cocoa Content: 75%

First from expert second-generation chocolate maker François Pralus is an unusual bar which blends different cacao origins together. We invite you to taste what happens when two unique cacao harvests are expertly combined.

A smooth and buttery dark chocolate with a gentle yet creamy melt. The bar has subtle smoked and roasted notes. As the smokiness fades, some interesting and unexpected notes of mushroom and pollen come through.

Crafted in France, this bar uses a blend of cacaos from Ghana and Indonesia. Pralus has been making patisserie and baked treats in Roanne, France since 1948. Auguste Pralus quickly became famous for his Praluline, a stunning brioche with pieces of bright red almonds and hazelnuts coated in rose sugar. Today, Auguste’s son François is at the helm, and while the Praluline is still popular, Pralus is now as well known for its chocolate. 



Bean Origin: Peru Cocoa Content: 70%

Next is another bar crafted in France by a much younger company, Ara. Ara is French for ‘macaw’, and founders Sabrina and Andres are as dedicated to protecting the environment as crafting incredible chocolate.

This Peruvian dark chocolate is foremost jam-like, mixes the sweet flavours of strawberries, raspberries, and blackcurrants. The bar has a slightly roasted profile, with a fudgy texture and thick melt. 

Ara crafts its chocolate in France, with its founders Andres and Sabrina originally hailing from Venezuela. The simplicity and quality of Ara’s ingredients is the key to expressing the true flavour of the bean in each bar. Sabrina and Andres try to find organic cocoa growers in Central and South America, who grow their cocoa using sustainable farming techniques that don’t destroy local ecosystems. The city of Tingo Maria is on the Huallaga River in central Peru. 



Bean Origin: Grenada Cocoa Content: 60%

Now we’re delighted to introduce Belmont Estate from Grenada. Belmont has been growing cacao for centuries, and more recently has worked with the Grenada Chocolate Factory. Inspired by the legacy of Mott Green, Belmont has now set up its own small factory.

A dark milk chocolate with a flavour profile of caramel, vanilla fudge and lightly whipped meringue. This is a milk chocolate that sings pudding throughout, from its flavour to its fudgy texture.

Belmont Estate is a cacao plantation that dates all the way back to the 17th century, and the cacao today still receives ancestral traditions in the harvesting, fermentation, drying of its chocolate. In 2017 Belmont built a small chocolate factory to start crafting its own bars after more than 200 years of growing cacao. The name Belmont is a hybridisation of the French for beautiful mountain “belle mont.” The bell on the packaging is a real bell on the estate and is 300 years old.



Bean Origin: Brazil Cocoa Content: 75%

Finally we welcome Brazilian cacao grower and chocolate maker Mestiço. The family farm, Fazenda Bonança has been growing cacao for over 40 years.  The vision of the Mestiço farmers and chocolate makers is to focus on bean quality not quantity.

The chocolate is very pale in appearance, and the texture is very creamy and smooth. The opens on notes of muscovado molasses and delicate spice. The powerful caramel sweetness gives the impression of a dark milk chocolate. 

Brazilian tree-to-bar chocolate maker Mestiço has been growing cacao for over 40 years at Fazenda Bonança, in Itacaré, Bahia. Mestiço plant and graft productive and resistant strains of cacao. The Bonanca “14 Varietal” is a Trinitario strain of cacao, named after the farm where it had grown. The name “Mestiço”means “mixed race”. It is a reference of both the Trinitarios that grow on the farm and of the mixed heritage of the chocolate maker: Japanese and Brazilian. 


This collection is featured as our Box Of The Month for the special price of £24.95 while stocks last until late December 2018.

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