The December 2018 Collection

By Harmony Marsh  ·  20th December 2018  ·  This Month's Box

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Welcome to our final box of 2018. We finish the year as we began it with some outstanding craft chocolate bars for you to taste and enjoy. 

The last twelve months have been an exciting time at Cocoa runners as we have expanded our library of chocolate makers and tasted even more bars from ever more diverse corners of the globe.

And we ourselves have been travelling too; we’ve been introducing people to craft chocolate all over the UK, have had a blast organising Canopy Market and have even popped up on TV a couple of times.

But we’re not stopping here. Already over the last few months we’ve been hard at work planning more events, more monthly boxes to ensure that 2019 proves an even more exciting year in craft chocolate.

There’s still one final ingredient in all this and that is you, our loyal subscribers. Without your passion and enthusiasm Cocoa Runners would not be here. Thank you for your continuing support, we look forward to sharing more chocolate with you next year!



Bean Origin: Philippines Cocoa Content: 56%

This dark milk chocolate is creamy and mellow with a fragrant sweetness, offering up notes of tea leaves and freshly-baked biscuits. The Muscovado sugar used, naturally makes for a caramel and treacle-rich flavour profile.

Mancunian chocolate maker Dormouse has crafted this chocolate using cacao sourced from Kablon Farms in South Cotabato, Philippines. Kablon Farms, alongside growing cacao, produce coconut sugar, and jams made from fruits of the trees that shade the cacao: coconut, mangosteen, guava, jackfruit, durian, passionfruit. The cacao beans that grow here are much smaller in size than the average bean, but they pack a lot of flavour. 



Bean Origin:  Grenada Cocoa Content: 60%

A sweet, spicy and creamy treat. This limited edition dark milk bar has been infused with aromatic nutmeg, giving a sweet yet rich flavour. The chocolate brings to mind gingerbread, honey cake and biscuits. 

Pump Street is an English bakery and chocolate makers, set up by father and daughter team Chris and Joanna. Before starting Pump Street, Chris was engineer at IBM with a number of patents to his name. His insatiable desire to invent and innovate lead him first to the art of sourdough bread and then to craft chocolate. His obsession with perfection took him all the way to the cacao farm to ascertain the farmers are fairly compensated.



Bean Origin: Nicaragua Cocoa Content: 70%

Two tasting bars of dark chocolate for you to compare. The Barba is bright and spicy with a touch of black pepper and a buttery finish. The Medagla is savoury and intense, and resonates with hints of mixed baked fruit. 

Danish chocolate maker Mikkel Friis Holm is passionate about the genetics of cacao. He has been committed to isolating the genetics of cacao since he first got involved in Nicaraguan cacao farms back in 2008. These two bars each have been made using one of the unique Nicaraguan varietals Friis Holm has helped to rediscover. The beans in each bar are incredible rare; Friis Holm estimates there are less than 100 trees growing either Barba or Megdala beans.



Bean Origin: Madagascar Cocoa Content: 70%

A pleasant and well-balanced acidity comes through in this dark bar and is softened by the chocolate’s buttery quality.  Plums, damsons and forest fruit complement the classic red berry notes of Madagascan cacao.

Chocolat Madagascar is one of only two craft chocolate factories in Madagascar.  Whilst Madagascar is well known for the quality and flavour of its cacao, the vast majority of its beans are exported and crafted in Europe, the US and Asia. The Mava farm is located in North West Madagascar, nestling in the Sambirano valley and foothills of the Tsaratanana Massif, it offers unique terroir cacao. The farm is owned by the local Ramanandraibe and the Taloumis families.


This collection can be bought as our Box Of The Month gift box for the special price of £24.95 while stocks last, until late January 2019.


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