January 2019 – Happy New Year!

By Harmony Marsh  ·  20th January 2019  ·  This Month's Box

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Welcome to our first collection of 2019. We’ve chosen some bars from some of our most popular makers to help you start the New Year in style.


Bean Origin: Madagscar Cocoa Content: 75%

First we have a classic dark from Bonnat, one of France’s oldest makers. With more than 130 year of experience behind them Bonnat continue to innovate and to delight us with its incredible chocolate.

A smooth dark chocolate with supremely buttery mouthfeel. As the rich bar melts, hints of berries and dried fruit come through. The sweet notes of red fruits are mixed in with more indulgent tones of caramel and fudge.

Bonnat is one of France’s oldest and most respected chocolate makers. The family owned and run company has been crafting single-origin bars since the 1980s, making them an original pioneer of the bean-to-bar movement. More than 130 years after Bonnat was founded, the company is now run by Stephane Bonnat, the great-grandson of founder Felix Bonnat. Stephane takes a hands on role in crafting and sourcing cacao from over 35 farms worldwide.



Bean Origin: Brazil Cocoa Content: 72%

Next is a new bar from Austrian maker Zotter. This bar is particularly special and came about via a particularly close partnership between the Zotter family and the farmers. The results is a wonderful bar we hope you will enjoy.

This bar has a sleek, silky texture which melts quickly, releasing waves of flavour. The chocolate has delicate dried fruity notes on the nose, which in flavour develops into chocolate bananas and caramel sauce, with a pure cocoa finish.

Zotter chocolate is an Austrian chocolate company founded by Josef and Ulrike Zotter. The couple’s daughter, Julia Zotter, was instrumental to the creation of this bar. Julia spent a summer staying with a family of cacao farmers in Para Brazil. Working alongside the farmers, Julia learnt about cacao cultivation as well as the tips and tricks of cacao fermentation. Thanks to the knowledge the famer passed on to her, Zotter was able to craft this bar.



Bean Origin: Mexico Cocoa Content: 75%

Then from Ritual is yet another new creation. Mexico is growing some truly exciting beans and it is a joy to see how makers are using them. Ritual’s bar is a fantastic example of the country’s cacao.

This dark chocolate achieves a delicate smoothness which is rich but doesn’t overwhelm. The initial profile is distinctly nutty, with a mix of hazelnuts and almonds coming through. Sharp hints of citrus balance out the wooded tones.

Ritual bought these beans from the Rayen cooperative, a recent network of cacao growers in the southwest of Mexico’s Chiapas region: Soconusco. Rayen cooperative focus on quality and continuing the reputation of Soconusco as a region for growing fine flavour cacao. It partners with international chocolate makers and Mexican chocolatiers to boost their production and find new, direct buyers while conserving biodiversity in the cacao forests of Soconunsco.



Bean Origin: Nicaragua Cocoa Content: 45%

Finally from British maker Duffy Sheardown is a wonderful Nicaraguan bar. The beans, Chuno, are unique to the country and have been designated an ‘Heirloom Cacao’ owing to its unique flavour profile and genetics.

A creamy milk bar with a gentle and soft mouthfeel. Delicate flavours meld with subtle sweetness in a smooth tasting experience. A complex mix of fresh hay, honeyed figs, and mellow red fruits gives way to a caramel finish.

Duffy is an early supporter and promoter of the ‘Direct Trade’ movement, which goes well beyond Fairtrade standards. Duffy follows a ‘Direct Cacao’ model, in which chocolate makers agree to pay whatever price the farmer asks for his cacao beans – without complaining. Duffy has sourced his beans from Xoco who work with farmers in Honduras and Nicaragua. The Chuno bean strain for Duffy’s Oh Juno! grows south of the Lake Managua in Nicaragua.


This collection can be bought as our Box Of The Month gift box for the special price of £24.95 while stocks last, until late February 2019.

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