Welcome, Solstice!

By Elizabeth  ·  5th January 2019  ·  New Makers, New Products

We hope you all had a great start to the year, and we are excited to kick off 2019 by introducing a new maker, Solstice Chocolate.

Solstice Chocolate is an American chocolate maker settled amongst the scenic vistas of Salt Lake City, Utah. Often dubbed the craft-chocolate-capital of the United States, Utah’s boom in makers and retailers of small batch craft chocolate has made it a destination for craft chocolate in the United States.

In 2013, husband and wife team, Scott Query and DeAnn Wallin, founded Solstice Chocolate with much support from their daughters. DeAnn has had a lifelong interest in chocolate and so initially started Solstice as a passion cum hobby. She was delighted by the enthusiastic reaction that their bars generated, so she moved to making craft chocolate full time. She named the company Solstice in deference to a legend that cocoa was best harvested during the Solstice.

We first came across Solstice when we were travelling in the USA three years ago, and we were instantly taken by their chocolate. In introducing Solstice to the Cocoa Runners’ Chocolate Library, we also introduce our first Ugandan chocolate bar.

We hope you enjoy and wish you a great 2019 that is full of (cocoa) beans!