Cutting down on sugar?

By James  ·  19th January 2020  ·  The Science of Chocolate

One easy way to eliminate sugar and still enjoy great chocolate is to try 100% bars.

100% bars contain nothing but cocoa beans. Through careful selection of beans, long grinds, heavy conches, and extra cocoa butter, our makers create amazingly flavourful 100% bars.  These 100% bars will always be a little astringent (they’ll make your mouth dry), but they are not necessarily bitter (for more on the difference between astringency and bitterness, please read this blog post). What’s more, they really encourage you to savour your bar and experience the full depth of flavour inherent in cocoa beans.

You can try our collections of 100% bars here: World Edition or Deluxe Collection.

If 100% isn’t your thing, you can still cut back on sugar with regular craft chocolate.  A typical 60g bar of 75% dark chocolate contains about 15g of sugar. By comparison, a mass-produced 60g bar of milk chocolate contains up to 40g of sugar, as sugar is a much cheaper ingredient than cocoa.  So even a small 45g checkout snack bar will contain 20g or more of sugar.

What’s more, you’re extremely likely to eat this whole snack bar in one go. (It’s not your fault! Read here for more on the “bliss point”) By contrast, craft chocolate bars lend themselves to savouring. You only need 3-5 squares after a meal to feel satisfied, which is roughly 2-5g of sugar (less than a regular bowl of cereal).

By carefully reading the label and figuring out what is really in the chocolate you buy, you can easily cut down on sugar. If you want to eliminate it completely, have a try of these amazing 100% bars and boxes.