New Year, New Maker!

By James  ·  6th January 2020  ·  New Makers

First and foremost, we would like to wish you a wonderful new year! We hope that your 2020 shall be full of good times with family and friends.

Secondly, we’d like to kick the year off by introducing you to our first craft chocolate maker from Singapore, Fossa Chocolate.

Fossa Chocolate was founded by Yilina, Charis, and Jay in Spring 2017.  These three friends share a love of fine food, and were inspired to become Singapore’s first craft chocolate maker after they tasted their first craft chocolate bar gifted to them for Christmas.  As this bar, “bursting with raspberry flavour”, was crafted from Madagascan beans, they decided to name their company “Fossa”, after the cat-like mammal indigenous and unique to Madagascar.

The folks at Fossa are all about flavour.  They pride themselves on their two-ingredient bars, made from directly sourced cocoa beans and added sugar (they don’t add extra cocoa butter or vegetable oils). They also make a single-ingredient, 100% bar with beans from Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania, which is amazingly mellow and smooth for a bar without cocoa butter (see here for more details).

Fossa Chocolate purchases its cacao directly from cooperatives and grower-centric organisations where they seek to build long term relationships. As well as sourcing from old favourites such as Kokoa Kamili and Beni, Fossa has also introduced us to some wonderful new sources of beans, such as Pak Eddy in Indonesia. 

The team at Fossa also delights in showing how craft chocolate can act as a vector for some amazing other flavours.  They’ve created some unique bars that incorporate local tea flavours, for example. They have also crafted an extraordinary “salted egg” bar, flavoured with a Chinese delicacy made from duck eggs soaked in brine. While this may not sound like a great match for a chocolate bar, Fossa has found a way to marry the saltiness of the egg with some cereal, a hint of curry and spice, and a caramelised white bar to create an intriguing and remarkable chocolate.

So whether you are looking to open 2020 with a classic two-ingredient dark bar, a one-ingredient one hundred percenter, or you want to experiment with some intriguing flavours, we think that Fossa’s small-batch, craft chocolate bars are a perfect way to start the new year.