Chequessett Chocolate

By James  ·  1st March 2020  ·  The World of Chocolate

Next weekend, 6-8 March, we will be at the San Francisco Craft Chocolate Experience. We are so excited to be there, and if any of you are in the area and want to come say hi, fantastic!

Among the makers will be a number of Cocoa Runners stalwarts – including the alluringly alliterative “Cape Cod Craft Chocolate Company – Chequessett”.  To continue with the tongue twisting, Katherine Reed named her company “Chequessett” to honour the history of the Wampanoag tribe, who are the first recorded Native Americans living in Cape Cod, and who referred to the tidal inlet next to the Chequessett factory as the “Chequessett Neck”.

Kat has a background in anthropology, food science, and ocean cartography.  And this background, combined with her partner Josiah’s experience as a commercial fisherman, inspired their unique bar envelope, which is covered in bathymetry (an ocean floor contour map) and on the back has a button and string for easy resealing. It’s a great example of the practical and the distinctive, protecting the bar, highlighting the uniqueness, and telling their story.

Kat and Josiah acquired the “bean to bar” bug when on a trip to Costa Rica back in 2013, and since then with the support of partners like Taza, Uncommon Cacao, and Daniel O’Doherty they’ve been sourcing from a range of great estates, co-operatives and plantations.  See here for some examples from Zorzal in the Dominican Republic, Akesson’s Bejofo in Madagascar and Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania.  In addition, Chequessett are constantly trying new collaborations with everything from sea salt producers to local wineries.  Among our favourites is their Gianduja bar which we are delighted to have now back in stock.

We hope you enjoy their bars!