An Update from Cocoa Runners – March 2020

By Spencer Hyman  ·  24th March 2020  ·  Site News

First and foremost, we hope that you are all safe and well.

Secondly we’d like to confirm that CocoaRunners remains open for business; we’re still shipping our monthly boxes and also bars, gifts, cooking chocolate (with recipes), easter gifts, and more. We brought forward many months’ worth of bars to prepare for this. And we’ve also been ordering (and paying forward for) significant amounts of additional stock. This is not just to prepare for international supply chain challenges. It’s also to offer immediate support to our craft chocolate makers, some of whom are facing huge sales declines as a result of this terrible virus’s economic impact on restaurants and coffee shops.

Our warehouse team in Devon remain open for business and they are taking stringent precautions to protect staff (and chocolate). In addition, they have developed contingency plans to continue receiving, packing, and dispatching our chocolate for the foreseeable future. We are running our website and customer support remotely. So for as long as the Royal Mail (and your local mail services abroad) are delivering, we will continue to deliver. We do know that some mail services are running a little behind, and that there are some issues with tracking numbers; We will do our best to cope with any issues that arise.

Whilst you are here, we’d also like to request your support for a new initiative, “Chocs for Docs”. We are all aware of the huge debt we owe to the NHS – the doctors, nurses, administrators and cleaners who are doing so much to help us all in these challenging times. So we are reaching out to the Cocoa Runners Community to ask if you would please join us in supporting, and thanking, them with craft chocolate.

We’d like to ask you to buy packages of craft chocolate so that we can send these to doctors, nurses and staff on the front line.  These packages will hopefully provide a welcome treat and way to say “thank you”. All we would ask you to do is click on our ‘Say thanks to our Docs’ offer, choose how much you want to gift and we’ll pull together craft chocolate packages for them. Any profits we make from these sales will all go to local food banks as they too are facing unprecedented pressures. To avoid overloading the hospital and GP surgeries we are sending these packages directly to the homes of doctors and nurses we know all over the country, and asking them to carry the packages in.

When we launched Cocoa Runners – which now seems so many moons ago – we did so with a passion for craft chocolate and the knowledge that craft chocolate not only tastes better, but it’s also better to eat, and way better for the planet and farmers (they maintain the rainforest, earn a decent income that enables them to plan for the future, etc.). We continue to believe this. And we will continue to do all we can to raise awareness of the craft chocolate movement since right now it’s more important than ever to support our makers and growers.

There is no doubt that a disaster as serious as this changes perspectives. It reminds us that we are lucky to be living where we do, and that there is a lot more to life than the things we can often get so preoccupied with.

So we will do everything we can to carry on providing you with great craft chocolate. Let’s also give thanks for what we have. And let’s give generously to those on the front line to whom we owe a great deal.

The CocoaRunners Team