International Women’s Day

By Cocoa Runners  ·  8th March 2020  ·  The World of Chocolate

This weekend we are at the Craft Chocolate Festival in San Francisco! So if you are nearby, please do come by and say hello.

And, as it’s International Women’s Day, we are donating 10% of all our web sales this weekend to a variety of women’s causes and charities..

We are delighted that being in San Francisco is giving us the chance to meet up with inspiring women in the world of chocolate, including Jael from French Broad, Jenny from Conexion (pictured above), Freiderike from Chocolate Tree, Cynthia from SOMA, and many others.

Craft chocolate is fortunate to have so many women chocolate makers within its ranks.  Of the 100+ makers we work with, around fifty percent of the founders are women, and in just over a quarter of the companies the chocolate maker is a woman.

We’d also like to champion the many female cocoa growers and their inspiring initiatives such as those from Askinosie, Shatell, Original Beans, Luisa Abram and many more.  See here for more details on the amazing story behind Original Beans’ Femmes Du Virunga, and here for some inspiring stories from Askinosie’s “chocolate university reports”.

Please do join us in championing women around the world and contributing to some great causes.