Say Hello to Castronovo Chocolate!

By Cocoa Runners  ·  12th April 2020  ·  New Makers

We hope that you are all enjoying a great holiday weekend, physically – but not socially – distant.  And hopefully enjoying some great craft chocolate too!

We’re looking forward to holding our first “Virtual Tasting” via Zoom this Sunday afternoon, and we’ve a bunch more planned over the coming weeks and months; see here for more details. 

We’re also delighted to welcome Denise from Castronovo Chocolate, based in Stanton, Florida, to our chocolate library. Denise hails from Massachusetts, and before moving down to sunny Florida, spent 15 cold winters at Tufts University’s Geospatial and Mapping Department.  We’ve been talking to Denise for many years now, and were delighted when she won the Golden Bean last year from the Academy of Chocolate.  But getting hold of her bars hasn’t been easy. Finally we managed to secure a very limited number of these bars in San Francisco and we are delighted to be able to introduce them.

Why not try her sumptuous 80% Colombian dark, Honduran 60% dark milk with Fleur du Sel, or her unique White Chocolate with Lemon Oil and Sea Salt? We’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love!

Again, we wish you, from a distance, a safe and happy Easter.

Spencer, Simon, Lizzie  and Harmony