Update on Holiday Delivery Deadlines

By Cocoa Runners  ·  16th December 2020  ·  Uncategorized

So first and foremost, a huge THANK YOU for all your support this year at our Virtual Tastings and your passion for Craft Chocolate.

We’ve been incredibly grateful for all your orders this holiday season.  Indeed, we’ve been blown away by your enthusiasm.  So thank you.  And a huge thanks to our warehouse team of Char, Becky, Wayne, Sarah and Lucie who have pulled out all the stops to prepare your orders during this particularly busy period.

And it’s great that so many of these orders are for what we call our “core products” of Subscriptions, Gift Tasting Courses and our Craft Chocolate Virtual Tastings (and thanks for all the Google reviews, they mean a lot – as do the votes of confidence from The GuardianSpectatorIndependentFT, etc. )

However we want to make you aware of an increasingly apparent challenge.  We are increasingly concerned about our transport partners’ abilities to deliver orders in time for Christmas.  Even “next day” and “24 hour” services are struggling and taking far longer than hoped.  Moreover, there are backlogs to get the parcels “into” the postal systems.  So we have less time than we thought to make up all your orders.

In order to make sure that we can deliver all the orders placed so far, and those you may want to place going forward, we are making a few changes to our earlier plans:

Guaranteed Delivery Deadline

  1. To receive regular orders by Christmas, please ensure you have placed these by 1pm GMT on Thursday 17th December (note: this is for UK deliveries only – for international, we’d suggest digital vouchers, see below)

Last Chance Deliveries

  1. After 1pm GMT on Thursday 17th December we will prioritise preparation of our CORE PRODUCTS (see below for description), guaranteeing that we will dispatch these by Royal Mail Tracked 24 hour service if you order these before Saturday 1pm GMT*. 
  2. These CORE PRODUCTS comprise (and see more below)
    1. Subscription boxes
    2. Gift Tasting Courses
    3. Virtual Tasting Kits (we have tastings on the 23rd and 29th of December and 2nd January even though the warehouse will be shut)
    4. Three Gift boxes (The Annalisa Barbieri Introduction to Craft Chocolate and two Christmas Boxes, see below for details)
    5. Chocs for Docs” (and we are still delivering these during this period
  3. We’ve chosen to prioritise these “CORE PRODUCTS” for two reasons.  Firstly, we believe that they offer the best introductions to Craft Chocolate we have.  Secondly, our warehouse team, by focusing on (and pre-building) these products, can satisfy the maximum number of potential customers in the limited shipping window remaining before Christmas.
  4. For all other orders placed AFTER lunchtime on Thursday the 17th December (1pm GMT) though to Saturday the 19th December 1pm GMT we will do our very best to ensure they are dispatched in time to arrive before Christmas. But we can’t guarantee this.  And please make sure that you don’t try to combine e.g., a Virtual Tasting with another product, as this may mean the Virtual Tasting has to wait for the other bars/components you order.
  5. For INTERNATIONAL customers (and for those in the UK who leave it even later) we’ve Gift Vouchers that can be emailed, or printed at home, for Subscriptions, &Tasting Courses (see here) and Virtual Tastings (see here) 

We hope that this means as many people as possible can enjoy some Craft Chocolate this holiday season.

Again, thank you all so much for all your support.  And we hope to see you at one of the Holiday Tastings (they are free to “Zoom into” — see here for registration, but far more fun with a kit — see here)

Spencer, Simon, Lizzie, Harmony and James

* Dispatch means we will hand over to the Royal Mail in time for their declared delivery cut off times.  We are monitoring these cut-offs and hope that the Royal Mail can continue to meet their timelines.

Gift Certificates

See here for our Virtual Tasting Gift Certificates, and here for our Subscription Gift Certificates.

Physical Products