Compare the Difference: Milk & Dark Chocolate

By James  ·  11th February 2021  ·  The Science of Chocolate

See how the addition of milk changes a chocolate bar! These pairs of bars are all made by the same maker using the same beans – the only difference is the cocoa content and addition of milk.

Notice the differences in texture and mouthfeel, and see how the sweetness of the milk changes the beans’ flavour profile. And we bet you’ll be reaching for a second piece of the milk bar – this is the “bliss point” in action (come to a tasting to find out more).

And you can download our “flavour wave” to help you make the most of all the flavours, textures, and mouthfeels you’ll be experiencing.

You can read more about the differences between dark and milk chocolate, and what those differences demonstrate about our ability to savour, in our recent blog post.