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I’m a Chocoholic and I’ve Signed Up for Veganuary – Should I be Worrying?

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Christmas may be over, but our love of chocolate is unremitting. Brits eat on average 11kg of the stuff each year. We love it. But you’ve signed up for Veganuary and you’re worried you’ve bitten off more than you can chew…

Don’t Panic! 

We would happily bet a bar of the stuff that chocolate won’t be the thing that breaks your pledge – it may even keep you going if you’re struggling! 

Veganism and craft chocolate is surprisingly and wonderfully simple (with a small caveat – read on to find out more). Pure dark chocolate should only ever be made from cocoa beans and sugar, with the optional addition of cocoa butter. 

Cocoa butter? No fear – this is the natural fat of the cocoa bean. A texture-enricher and mouthfeel-magnifier, it’s completely plant-based. Phew! 

That said, supermarket chocolate is not always vegan; manufacturers often sneak in milk as ‘whey powder’ or ‘butterfat’. This is the stuff to avoid. 

Unlike the supermarket shelves, we have a great collection of actually vegan-friendly dark chocolate ready to explore. What’s more, we have a bunch of makers who produce vegan milk and white chocolate by using coconut milk instead of cow, goat, or sheep milk. Cue these two brilliant bars from Forever Cocao and Soliki.

The Take Home Message 

The global food system is responsible for around 30% of emissions worldwide. So firstly, it’s great that you’ve signed up to Veganuary and Good Luck! Secondly, chocolate – far from being outlawed – is your wingman, especially if it’s craft dark or vegan milk chocolate. 

Last but not least, you’re sure to have some supermarket milk chocolate kicking around after the festive season. Forewarned is forearmed! Sidestep any chocolate-centred kerfuffle by asking for a bar or two of craft dark or vegan milk for Christmas or Hanukkah.

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