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Staff Picks

The flavour possibilities of craft chocolate are vast, so much so that we can whole-heartedly guarantee that there is something for everyone, and for every occasion! To demonstrate this, members of our team have kindly shared their favourite bars, which fall everywhere on the spectrum from white chocolate to 100% cacao.

Hannah – Duffy’s: Taino, Dominican Republic 65% Dark

This is a really fruity bar with hints of pineapple, strawberry, and an after-taste of green tea. Since pineapples are my favourite fruit, this is the perfect bar for me!

Hannah’s background before coming to Cocoa Runners was in the world of fine wine. If you are looking to wow some dinner party guests, she recommends pairing it with a sweet Sauternes wine to complement the Taino’s fruitiness.

Nick – Original Beans: Cru Virunga 70%

Nick has chosen a bar which appeals to both his palette and his interest in craft chocolate more broadly:

When I eat it, I can feel a tangible connection to the origin. Original Beans are pretty good at communicating their origins and their stories. The environmental and social justice issues that this bar touches on, for people, wildlife and habitats in Eastern Congo, really resonate with me“.

Nick also points out that this is a great “entry point” for someone wishing to explore the world of dark craft chocolate, because of the bar’s broad ‘chocolately’ flavour.


Very understandably, Aisha has a few favourites!

1) Pump Street: Sourdough & Sea Salt

This was the first craft chocolate bar I tried, and it was an amazing introduction to craft chocolate“.

Before trying this classic from Pump Street, Aisha wasn’t into dark chocolate bars but found this to be a game changer. “The dark chocolate, not even fully dark, with the sea salt that pops through gives such a great flavour and texture to the bar“.

2) Omnom: Coffee and Milk

Omnom is a favourite maker of Aisha’s: “They are always so smooth and have a great snap. the geometrical design of their bars is also a great addition“.

Iceland’s only bean-to-bar maker never disappoint when it comes to flavour combinations. “The coffee and milk is a great blend. The coffee is not overpowering and combines so well with the white bar, which isn’t too sweet either“.

When to enjoy? “This bar I feel is definitely an after-dinner bar. You get your coffee and dessert all in one“.

Alice – Rózsavölgyi: White Chocolate with Matcha Tea

Given that matcha tea can be something of an acquired taste, Alice speculates that this may be a controversial pick. However…

I love it because it’s so ridiculously pretty and tastes way better than a matcha latte, plus it’s kind of quirky and I’m a fan of chocolate which challenges our expectations of taste and flavour!

As if the packaging wasn’t gorgeous enough, the ornate moulding and cool green hue of this bar make it look (almost) too good to eat!

Ricky – Grenada Chocolate Company: Grenada 100%

Our tech expert Ricky has gone for a bar which packs a punch.

I prefer the 100% bars, and this one had an intense flavour, with notes of tobacco. I also like the ethics and values of the Grenada Chocolate Company“.

Indeed, the Grenada Chocolate Company work tirelessly from their solar-powered factory to create chocolate which doesn’t harm the planet.

Robyn – Original Beans: Femmes de Virunga 55% Milk

I always love dark milk bars. They give you the richness and depth of flavour which a milk bar can sometimes lack, combined with the perfect amount of sweetness“.

Not only is this bar perfectly nutty and smooth, but I really like the story behind it. Femmes de Virunga was the first all-female cacao co-operative, started in 2016, and they work to protect the Virunga National Park (DRC)“.

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