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Happy 2022! And 22 Questions to Start the Year

Happy New Year! And as a means of limbering up, we’ve prepared a 2022 New Year Chocolate Quiz, based off our tastings, emails and blogs.

The format is a multiple choice, and you can access it HERE. And to whet your appetite, here are a few of the headline questions. And once you’ve completed the quiz you will receive your score and information on the answers.

  • How many litres of water (or baths) are needed to grow, and make, a chocolate bar?
  • What is the first recorded recipe we have for preparing or cooking with chocolate?
  • Which countries grow both wine and cocoa?
  • Which company produced the first commercial chocolate bar for eating?
  • What does chocolate grow on?
  • What is least important when buying a craft chocolate bar?
  • Where is not a good place to store your craft chocolate?
  • A chocolate bar from the deforested rainforest emits more than a serving of which other products?
  • How much is the average female cocoa farmer’s daily wage in West Africa?
  • How many craft chocolate bars did we taste and evaluate at Cocoa Runners in 2021?

The first three people to answer all 22 questions correctly will receive one of our New Year Craft Chocolate Boxes (and, in the unlikely event that no-one gets all the right answers, we’ll pick the three highest, and earliest, answers). And don’t worry if you find the quiz a bit challenging; we’ve designed it so that hopefully everyone will be surprised by at least a couple of the answers.

As we head into 2022, please do remember that we’ve a great range of tastings starting with our next wine and chocolate tasting with Corney and Barrow on the 20th January then our myth-busting talk and tasting with ‘Cocoa‘ author and chocolate expert, Kristy Leissle (see HERE for the tasting kit).

And also please do remember that we will still be running our regular Wednesday and Thursday virtual tastings. Purchase the tasting sets HERE and then register HERE.

Thanks again for all your support, and wishing you a great 2022!


P.S. Please do share the quiz with family and friends too, just send this link:

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