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A ‘Crafty’ Way to Thank Any Teacher

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It’s almost the end of the school year here in the UK, and almost all exams are over. So we thought it appropriate to design some novel gifts; with members of the Cocoa Runner’s team each designing a craft chocolate box for different school subjects.

  • To thank your English teacher, Millie has created a gift box appropriately named ‘Shakespeare: The Chocolate Bar-d Box‘ where she’s matched five of Shakespeare’s plays (Hamlet, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Henry IV, A Winter’s Tale, and The Taming of the Shrew) to bars from Friis-Holm, Zotter, Omnom, Raaka and Dormouse. See below for more on the plays and their bars.
  • To thank language teachers, Iona has covered French, Spanish, German, and Italian with bars from (respectively) Bonnat, Utopick, Zotter, and Karuna in ‘The Polyglot Box‘. Again see below for more details.
  • Nick has built a box for a geography or biology teacher, which spans the world and explains the crucial importance of craft chocolate to the environment. He’s chosen bars crafted from cocoa beans that are sourced from all over the world: from Brazil to Uganda, and Ecuador to the Congo, and made both at origin (i.e. the bars are made in the same country as the beans are grown) and also internationally (with bars crafted in The Netherlands and Switzerland). Each of the bars in ‘The Environment Box‘ also showcases the environmental advantages of craft chocolate. And Nick has also included a couple of bars with intriguing inclusions; one with coffee from Latitude and another from Luisa Abram that contains Theobroma grandiflorum, a closely related, but very different tasting relative of Theobroma cacao (the tree on which cocoa pods and seeds grow).
  • Cecily has built a box for science teachers, with bars that cover physics, chemistry and biology. Included in ‘The Experiment Box‘ is also a pair of taster bars from Fresco that show how scientific experimentation can reveal radically different flavours through tweaking the way the same beans are roasted and conched. Again, please see below.
  • Hannah has built a history themed box that showcases the history of craft chocolate bars, tracing the ways in which craft chocolate bars have evolved from rustic, stone ground bars in the 1840s, through to smooth conched bars, and onto milk, and finally white chocolate bars in the 1930s. See her ‘Origins Box‘ below for more details.
  • Iona has built a box to delight any art teacher; with packaging and bar moulds inspired by, and designed by, artists from Karuna, Omnom, Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé, and Chocolate Tree. See her ‘Paint Box‘ below.
  • And last but not least, Nick has also engineered a maths inspired box, with bars from Formula 1 engineers (Duffy’s), maths professors (Luisa Abram), plus bars with puzzling percentages (Åkesson’s “101%” Brazil Bar with cocoa nibs) and fractal, geometric designs (Chocolate Tree) all in ‘The Numbers Box‘.
    Each of these boxes comes with a Cocoa Runners gift box, and we’ve also taken at least 10% off the price of each box’s components, so these make great buys too. In addition, there are downloadable PDFs on the website that you can personalise, and learn more about, the bars and themes. Please see their dedicated page for more details.

If we’ve not managed to cover the subject taught by one of your teachers, we apologise. And may we suggest that you give any of these teachers one of our ICA award winning boxes instead?

As ever, thanks for your support; and thank you for thanking your teachers!


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