Taste and Flavour

With over 400 distinct flavour compounds, craft chocolate certainly offers a vast landscape for flavour exploration. Read about how craft chocolate bars acquire their unique flavour profiles and learn how to unlock this world of taste.

Savouring, Slurping, Spitting, and Saliva

Taste, Super-Tasters, Flavour, Texture, and More

Vanilla: A Cross-Modal Understanding

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Untangling Taste, Flavour, Texture, and Mouthfeel

Unpicking the components which make up our sensory experience of chocolate can be challenging. But we’re here to help you a) learn the lingo and b) know how to identify taste, flavour, texture, and mouthfeel to enhance your tasting abilities!

How to Taste Chocolate

Learn how to taste chocolate like a pro with our accessible guide which introduces you to our very own flavour wave!

The Case for Fruit and Nut in Chocolate

Inclusions are a controversial matter in the chocolate world; some ‘chocolate purists’ would argue that chocolate should simply be… chocolate. Meanwhile other chocolatiers are very enthusiastic about experimenting with adding different flavours to their bars. Here’s our case for fruit and nut (and other exclusions).