Welcome to the Craft Chocolate Revolution
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Craft chocolate masters use premium cacao to create exceptional single origin bars
Better for you
Our low sugar bars are crafted from minimal ingredients that are all recognisable.
Better for the farmers
Makers have relationships with cacao farmers and pay them over 10x the market rate
Better for the planet
A commitment to protecting the rainforest: sourcing cacao that is carbon negative
A selection of Easter craft chocolate products
Enjoy the World's Best Chocolate this Easter
Easter Eggs
Shop our range of expertly crafted easter eggs, bars, and gift boxes. Perfect for gifting or enjoying yourself.
Easter In Person Tasting
Enjoy an expert-led Easter in person tasting at our 13 Charterhouse Square office space.
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Our Top Picks

Join Our Virtual Tasting

Our ‘Welcome to the Revolution’ Craft Chocolate Tasting introduces you to nine exceptional craft chocolates and delves into chocolate’s fascinating history and how it’s made.

Butterfly Chocolate Collection

Shop the complete collection from Turkish maker Butterfly Chocolate. Supporting the British Red Cross Turkey and Syria earthquake appeal fund.

Craft Chocolate Subscriptions

Subscribe and receive four small-batch, single-estate craft chocolate bars each month through your letterbox, wherever you are in the world. You can choose between dark only, milk only, mixed, and 100% chocolates.

Unwrap the finest chocolate wherever you are!

Cacao pulp

All Things Cacao Pulp

Explore our page on all things cacao pulp, where you can browse our range of products (including the pure pulp itself and Cocoa Retreat’s extraordinary pulp truffles). Here, you can also join in our cacao pulp recipe competition!

Square mile

Craft Chocolate Cocktail Sets

Shop our bespoke range of chocolate-inspired cocktail sets, including a refreshing cacao pulp cocktail and a warming spiked hot chocolate. All sets come with a recipe card so you can enjoy creating these fabulous drinks.

Square mile
Stranger Box

Stand by Ukraine with Stranger Gift Collection

We are delighted to be launching our first Ukrainian Chocolate Maker, Stranger – the creation of Tetyana and Ruslan. £10 from the sale of every box will be donated to the Serhiy Prytula Foundation, supporting the Ukrainian people and army.

Easter Tasting

Easter In Person Tasting

Join us on the 13th of April at 13 Charterhouse Square, London, EC1M 6AX, for a very special Easter in person tasting! We will be exploring the history of chocolate and Easter, through several delicious craft chocolate bars. There will also be a complimentary glass of wine or prosecco.

Easter Tasting
Masterclass Virtual Tasting: Welcome to the Revolution

Masterclass Virtual Tasting: Welcome to the Revolution

The Welcome to the Craft Chocolate Revolution virtual tasting goes well beyond a standard chocolate tasting. Our chocolate experts will guide you through the history of chocolate, how chocolate is made, and the difference between commodity and craft chocolate. Fundamentally, we want to unlock your palate during this tasting.

Annalisa Barbieri’s Introduction to Craft Chocolate

Annalisa Barbieri, celebrated columnist and Chocolate Correspondent for The Observer, has chosen these five bars as a great introduction to Craft Chocolate. Try them for yourself and see if you agree!

Cocoa Runners Reviews

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