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Sunday Brunch Grand Prix

British Chocolate Grand Prix – As Seen On Sunday Brunch….

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On Sunday 10 July we took Tim Lovejoy, comedian Joy Lycett and guest host Kathryn Ryan on a tasting flight of four on the UK’s finest craft chocolate makers.

To celebrate the British Grand Prix we bring you four of our finest British craft chocolate makers. While British bean to bar chocolate may not be as well-known as British racing green, we think all four of these makers are winners. And it’s not just us – each of these incredible British artisans has won countless awards with its chocolate bars.

To begin we journey to Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire where Duffy Sheardown has crafted a very special bar exclusively for the Grand Prix. Before changing lanes and become the UK’s leading milk chocolate maker, Duffy was an engineer for Formula One. Not only that, he helped manage the team that broke the land speed record.  He has designed a special wrapper to commemorate this huge achievement. Unwrap the unique packaging, take a bite and savour a little bit of history.  Kathryn Ryan chose this sweet, creamy milk chocolate as her pick of the bars.

Then veering south we travel to Dorset where Solkiki are pioneering vegan artisan chocolate that is good for people, animals and the planet and tastes even better. Ever a fan of vegan chocolate, Joe couldn’t wait to try this bar. Next zoom over to Edinburgh and discover a brand new bar from the Chocolate Tree made using rare Colombian beans. Joe couldn’t get enough of the green, earthy notes of this bar. Finishing close to Cocoa Runners HQ, we head to Damson’s craft chocolate factory in Islington where Dom Ramsey crafts his bars. Tim picked this as his favourite bar – he loved the rich, berry notes of this Tanzanian cacao!

These four British chocolate bars (two milk and two dark) all taste different. Savour the bars and you will be amazed at the difference bean origin and the maker’s style has on the texture and flavour of the bars.



TDuffy Panama limited edition grand prix barhe first bar taste was Duffy’s Limited Edition Land Speed bar (Tierra Oscura milk 40%). As you bite into the soft milk chocolate inhale the sweet and fruity aroma. Hints of caramel and butterscotch swirl through dark cherries. A liquorice note rises through the sweetness to give a tingling finish.

Duffy sources the cocoa beans for his chocolate directly from cocoa farmers and co-operatives, ensuring a higher price for the farmer and a better quality product. For this bar he has used Directly-Traded fine cocoa beans bought directly from Dorothy (the farmer) in Panama.

solkiki maranon mylkNext up was the Solkiki Maranon Mylk 60% chocolate bar. This ‘milk’ chocolate bar is completely dairy free and instead uses coconut milk to create a sweet chocolate with a silky texture.

The coconut gives the bar a rich creaminess similar to a classic milk with a cooling finish. The bar has an unusual floral caramel flavour and we also detected a fresh coconut note from the milk. The chocolate’s toffee note combined with the coconut gives the chocolate a delicate panna cotta sweetness. This bar  has just won Silver at the International Chocolate Awards 2016.

The chocolate tree colombia huilaThen Spencer, Tim and the team taste the Chocolate Tree Colombia Huila dark bar. This bar is bursting with layers of complex flavour. Take a bite and rejoice in the intricate notes that overtake you and hit the back of palate.

The bar begins with fresh green spice and just a touch of liquorice before buttery coconut and cream emerge. Underneath discover a sweet floral haze full of rose water and pear drops. We noted just the smallest touch of bitterness before the long lingering finish. A cooling aftertaste leaves behind delicate rose on the tongue.

Chocolate Tree bought the beans for this bar direct from Aldemar Guzman. Aldemar grows his fine flavour cacao in the Huila region of South Western Colombia.

Damson Tanzania Kokoa KamiliLast but by no means least was London’s very own Damson’s Kokoa Kamili Tanzania 70% bar. The beans are naturally fruity with hints of plum and stone fruits. The smooth bar has a well-balanced acidity. The chocolate tastes like a fine red wine in bar format.

Damson has sourced the beans from Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania. Run by Simran and Brian in they buy beans directly from local farmers at above market prices. Kokoa Kamili then ferments and dries the beans at its purpose built workshop. Taking care of these post-harvest steps means that Kokoa Kamili is able to get the best out of the beans and so get farmers a better price. And at the same time farmers can focus on growing and harvesting their beans


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Father's Day 2016 Header

Father’s Day At Cocoa Runners

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Father’s Day is just around the corner on Sunday June 19th, so we’ve rounded up a selection of our favourite gifts that are sure to make any chocolate-loving dad’s day.

The Whisky Loving Dad – £24.95

Together with Good Things Magazine we’ve chosen four chocolate bars to match with whisky.
As with chocolate, the world of whisky has seen a boom in recent years as a new wave of drinkers have re-discovered the classic spirit. As with chocolate, distilleries both new and old all over the world are creating wonderful whiskys.
With the team at Good Things Magazine, we tasted our way through the Chocolate Library to find some bars the pair perfectly with this fantastically fashionable spirit.

Buy the Whisky Lover’s Collection

The Father’s Day Collection – £24.95

This collection brings together four fantastic small batch craft chocolate bars from makers around the world. This classic collection of milk, dark and textured chocolate is a veritable tour of the world of craft chocolate. The cocoa nibs in Menakao‘s Salt & Nibs bar enhances the fruity notes of Madagascan dark chocolate with a satisfying crunch. Crafted in Barcelona, Blanxart’s 72% Dominican Dark chocolate bar is incredibly rich, and has a ganache like quality.

The Burned Sugar in Omnom’s Dark Milk chocolate bar gives this sweet Icelandic offering a pleasing caramel twist in the tail. Finally, it felt only right to include a bar from Orford’s Pump St Chocolate in our Father’s Day Collection. Chris Brennan set up Pump St Chocolate with his daughter, Joanna. And this earthy Ecuadorian bar is true to the smooth and creamy style we’ve come to love from Pump Street’s award winning craft chocolate.

Buy the Father’s Day Collection

Omnom Sharing Board – £39.95

We spend a lot of time talking about how quality matters more than quantity. That being said, we can’t think of a dad we know who wouldn’t be seriously impressed by this super sized bar.

Created exclusively for Cocoa Runners, Omnom has handcrafted the bar, made from only the finest Madagascan beans, at its small batch workshop in Iceland.

This particular bar is Omnom’s award-winning Madagascar 66% dark chocolate. The wonderfully fruity bar is a perfect example of a Madagascan dark chocolate. Made with beans from Bertil Akesson, it has a balance between acidity and jammy notes that you would expect from Madagascan beans. However, we detect a slight sharpness with hints of cherry instead of the more familiar berry notes.

If your dad is more of a milk chocolate guy, you’ll be pleased to hear that the sharing board is also available with a 500g block of Omnom’s Milk of Madagascar.

Buy the Omnom Sharing board

Tasting Events – From £20

Treat your Dad to an evening spent chocolate tasting in London. Each month we hold a chocolate tasting salon at London’s Winemakers Club where we share a dozen or so craft chocolate bars from around the world with our fellow chocolate lovers.

Get Tickets Here

Chocolate Tasting Courses – From £49.95

Share the gift of craft chocolate with your father for months to come. Treat your dad to 3, 6 or indeed 12 months of deliveries from Cocoa Runners. He’ll discover the world’s best small batch, single estate craft chocolate, receiving a curated collection of four new bars each month, along with tasting notes to unwrap the story behind each bar. He’ll also be one of the first to try the newest makers in our Craft Chocolate Library.

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Order by noon on Thursday June 16th for UK delivery in time for Father’s Day.

AoC 2016 winners

Academy of Chocolate Awards 2016

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Since its foundation a decade ago, the Academy of Chocolate has been at the forefront of the single estate artisan chocolate revolution. From day one, its founders have been committed to recognising high quality, ethically sourced chocolate from around the world.

Now taking place for the eighth time, the Academy of Chocolate Awards is one of the most highly anticipated events of the chocolate year. The results were released in May 2016 to much fanfare, and we were delighted to see many of our makers receiving much deserved recognition.

Among the dark chocolate bars that were recognised were Akesson’s Madagascar 75% Criollo and Bali 75% Trinitario Cacao bars.  Amedeii’s Porcelana bar was awardsd a Gold, as were Dick Taylor’s 72% Madagascar Sambirano bar and Duffy’s Guatemala Rio Dulce 70% bar.

Askinosie’s 72% Mababu, Tanzania Dark Chocolate Bar was also recognised by the judges, as were Duffy’s Honduras Indio Rojo 72% and Marou’s Treasure Island bar.  We were so pleased to see that relative newcomer Metiisto’s Madagascar 72% and Nicaragua 70% bars were both awarded a Silver medal in the dark chocolate class.

Elsewhere, Dick Taylor’s 76% Ecuador, Camino Verde and 72% Belize, Toledo dark chocolate bars were recognised, as was Lucocoa’s 70% Dominican Republic and  Zotter’s Labooko Colombia 75% bars.

At the Academy, dark chocolate bars with an intensity of 80% and above are quite literally in a league of their own.  Amongst those awarded gold were Akesson’s for its 100% Madagascan bar, and Pump St Bakery for its 85% Ecuadorian bar.  Elsewhere, Chocolat Madagascar’s Organic 100% and Hoja Verde’s 80% Esmeraldas were also recognised.

In the milk chocolate class, several dark milk chocolate bars took home awards. It has been fascinating to see the rise of this particularly intense type of milk chocolate – normally over 50% cocoa content – where the chocolate takes its sweetness more from the milk powder included than from added sugar.  Duffy’s Honduras Mayan Milk 61% was awarded a Silver award, as were Metiisto’s Madagascar dark milk 56% and Honduras dark milk 60% bars.

Although relatively few white chocolate bars received awards, we were so happy for Akesson’s and Chocolat Madagascar, both of which picked up awards for their Madagascan White Chocolate bars.

The Flavoured Chocolate categories judge both flavoured bars, and those which use cocoa nibs as an inclusion.  Akesson’s bars with Pink, Wild and Black peppers were all recognised in this category.  We were pleased to see that Chocolat Madagascar’s Dark Chocolate Bar with Cocoa Nibs was a winner here, and we were delighted for Dom that his Damson Cafe Brasil bar – made in partnership with NOTES coffee – was also recognised.

To honour some of the outstanding makers in the world of chocolate at the moment, we’ve brought together a collection of four delicious and diverse chocolate bars, each of which was a winner at the 2016 ceremony.  You can buy this collection for a very limited time only here…

Sunday Brunch April 2016

Fresh From Sunday Brunch: Bars That Go The Extra Mile…

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On Sunday, Spencer returned to Sunday Brunch to taste some very special bars.  Bars from Chocolat Madagascar, The Greneda Chocolate Co, Forever Cacao and Seaforth.

These makers have all gone the extra mile to craft chocolate that is good for both people and planet without compromising on taste. Not satisfied with simply relying on certification, they build direct relationships with their farmers and suppliers.

Together farmer and maker work towards a common goal: better beans and therefore better chocolate. Makers collaborate with and educate farmers who are motivated to produce higher quality beans.

We’re delighted to bring you a collection of the four bars featured on Sunday Brunch, for a very limited time only. This collection celebrates the incredible work being done by craft chocolate makers around the world.

The bars in this box were all made using cacao bought via direct trade at above Fairtrade prices. Inside are three dark chocolate bars and one milk chocolate bar from Seaforth, Forever Cacao, The Grenada Chocolate Company and Chocolat Madagascar.

Buy the box today >

Damson Header

Welcome, Damson

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We are delighted and honoured to introduce you to Damson Chocolate, a new maker crafting bars in the heart of Islington, London.

Damson founder Dom Ramsey has an illustrious career in chocolate. Ten years ago he started his “chocablog” and since then he’s been a key force in promoting the small batch, craft chocolate movement – and, full disclosure, was a Cocoa Runners founding team member.

In addition to judging, writing and advising chocolate makers, Dom has now climbed another mountain: he’s started to craft his own chocolate. In his workshop Dom crafts delicious bars that are infused with passion and enthusiasm. From classic darks to unusual milks and from innovative inclusions to rabbit shaped bars, Damson has something for everyone.

Damson is going from strength to strength it has three Academy of Chocolate Awards (2015) already, including the ‘One To Watch’ award. And we are truly delighted to be selling Dom’s bars – including his latest Brazilian Notes Coffee Bar which we are also selling at this weekend’s Coffee Show at the Old Truman Brewery (if you are at the show, do come and say hi – we are on Stand B 18)

View the whole range here >>

Welcome Chapon!

Say ‘Bonjour!’ to Chapon

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Patrice Chapon has lived a fascinating life. The Frenchman spent his early days in hot pursuit of a career in architecture, dreaming of constructing buildings not bars. Alas this was not to be, and he found himself at a loss as to what career to pursue.

Luckily for us, Chapon turned his attention to food, training as a chef. He attained a level of international renown that eventually led to his appointment as ice cream and sorbet maker to the Royal Court at Buckingham Palace.

As with many of our makers, his initial forays into chocolate were conducted in the dead of night, in the cellar of his family home. Chapon dedicated every spare moment he had to crafting fine chocolates, which he then sold to local Parisian confectioners.

While Chapon initially earned a reputation for crafting fine truffles and bon bons, he was not satisfied.

In 2010, Chapon set himself a new challenge. He wanted to craft his own chocolate directly from the bean. To him this meant more that just the best quality quality chocolate and a guarantee of the product’s sustainability (although both of these were important considerations).

More than anything, Chapon felt that for his creations to truly represent his own creativity and personality they had to be entirely his own.

These bars are exceptionally tricky to track down outside of his native France, so we are delighted to be able to welcome Chapon to Cocoa Runners today. Members of our Craft Chocolate Tasting Club have already enjoyed his 75% Ecuador bar, and today we’re introducing our edit of some of the finest bars of Chapon’s range.

Brazil, 70% | £7.95

Chapon Noir Origine BrazilHere Chapon has crafted a rich and indulgent dark bar. This smooth bar has a ganache-like quality and deep notes of dark cocoa. Hints of roasted coffee and cream infuse the chocolate.

The decadent flavours remind us more of a Dominican or Venezuelan bar. Wooded notes have been replaced by treacle and muscovado sugar. We also detected spiced molasses and a touch of liquorice on the finish.

Try It Now >>>

Fortunato Peru, 70% | £8.95

Chapon Black Fortunato Peru
This dark chocolate is made using rare cocoa beans from the Maranon valley of Peru. Patrice Chapon has crafted some spectacular and unexpected notes from these beans. This thin bar has a silky texture and a smooth melt that reveals striking flavours.

A lightly smoked aroma discernible throughout. As the bar develops, we discovered spicier hints and some dried fruits. These notes mixed with the smoke, creating an almost floral aroma.

Try It Now >>>

Rio Caribe Venezuela, 100% | £7.95

Chapon Rio Caribe Venezuela 100
A smooth and intense chocolate, this bar definitely pack more of a punch than fellow countryman Pralus’ 100%.

The high cocoa butter means that the flavour is initially released slowly. As you let a small piece melt, notes of raisins and dried fruits are revealed. We detected a wooded notes mixed into the thickly textured bar.

Try It Now >>>


The Pigeonhole Partners With Cocoa Runners

Meet The Pigeonhole: Serialised, Social and Interactive.

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Charles Dickens once said “There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” Here at Cocoa Runners, we would like to add a small addendum to this statement: “There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate … and a good book”.

Sharing stories is key to the human experience. For generation after generation, sharing stories in their various forms has helped to foster a sense of community. For thousands of years before the conception of the printing press, the oral tradition of storytelling was one major hallmark of the human experience that transcended cultural and technological boundaries.

In time, the increased availability of printed works helped to solidify the narrative of many stories, in reality, books were expensive and comparatively inaccessible. As a consequence, publishers sought alternative ways to bring their authors’ works to the public, and alighted upon serialization in newspapers and periodicals as more accessible media.

This steady release of staves allowed readers around the world to enjoy new works from authors such as Leo Tolstoy, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Alexandre Dumas and Charles Dickens himself. It allowed them to read stories day by day, week by week or even month by month alongside their friends.

Its easy to see how the measured release of stories would lead to early versions of ‘water cooler moments’, with people eager to share their thoughts on every twist and turn of the plot as it came.

As books became more affordable, and publishers started to move away from this format. And the water cooler moments were instead owned by visual media. But in the past year or two something has changed. Streaming services started to provide whole seasons at once for us to binge watch over a weekend.

And it started to feel that in this age of instant gratification, the art of patience, and the thrill of anticipation may be lost to us forever. It seemed that bitesize story telling looked set to become a lost art. The recent growth in popularity of podcasts that tell stories week by week and month by month, has brought about a resurgence in serialisation. And we understand why.

Much like a bar of carefully crafted chocolate, a good book deserves to be savoured. While cheap chocolate bars are designed to be devoured and leave you wanting more, a just a square of a top quality bar will leave you sated. Each time you carefully wrap the bar up, knowing that it’s there to look forward to, at the same time tomorrow. By the same token, while it’s tempting to plough though a whole book over a rainy weekend, it can be just as enjoyable to savour it a chapter at a time to brighten up a dreary commute.

Here at Cocoa Runners, we believe that great books, like great chocolate bars, deserve to be shared. As voracious consumers of stories in their many forms, we often share tips as to the latest must read book. Indeed, there have been times when our admiration for a certain book as been so ardent that we rush in of a morning, desperate to share our thoughts on the latest twists and turns of a story over a square or two of a fruity Madagascan bar.

But there are times when disaster strikes. One of us has a habit of leaving their books in cafés, and another all to often breaks the code of honour and reads several chapters ahead… Which is why the discovery of The Pigeonhole was so fortuitous. This nifty app – currently one of Apple’s ‘best new apps’ – allows you to set up a group with your friends, choose a book, and read it together in bite sized instalments. We were a little concerned that we wouldn’t be able to fold corners and bookmark our favourite parts as we went along, but we needn’t have worried. The app allows you to save off your favourite parts, and actually add your notes as you go, so that fellow readers can chime in and see if they agree.

The kind people at The Pigeonhole have a special offer for Cocoa Runners subscribers this Mother’s Day. If you buy the Mother’s Day Collection, you will receive a digital book from The Pigeonhole for free.  You can use the code for any book in their library, but if you’re reading along with your mother, The Pigeonhole recommend Angela’s Readman’s Don’t Try This At Home – a collection of some of the best short stories you’ll ever read. Designed to be savoured a stave at a time, they’re the prefect accompaniment to a square or two of craft chocolate.

Visit The Pigeonhole Today >>

Valentines 2016 Header

Introducing The 2016 Limited Edition Cocoa Runners Valentines Collection

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Today we’re introducing a very special gift.  It’s our 2016 Valentine’s Day Collection.  Please note, that this is a highly limited edition gift – there is only a handful of Cacaosuyo’s Lakuna bars still available, and once they’re gone, this gift will no longer be available…

Valentines Blog Product

This Valentine’s Day, we invite you to treat your Valentine to a tasting flight of four distinctive bars from exceptional makers. As they unwrap the Femmes De Virunga bar from Original Beans, they’ll discover one of the world’s finest dark milk chocolate bars. This intense bar marries the power of a dark chocolate bar with the silky sweetness of a classic Swiss milk chocolate. Next they can move on to the superbly spicy dark chocolate bar from Vietnamese maker Marou. Made exclusively from cacao from the Ba Ria province of Vietnam, this bar not only tastes wonderful, it is also wrapped in a beautifully paper, inspired by its country of origin.

Finally, they’ll enjoy a pair of bars made with Peruvian cacao. Italian maker Domori is well known for its efforts to encourage the cultivation of near-extinct cacao varietals, such as the rare cacao in this bar, grown in the valley of the Apurimac river. Then they will taste the delicate Lakuna bar from Peruvian maker Cacaosuyo. Made from rare beans grown deep within the Peruvian jungle, this is a bar that impresses from the outset. As they unwrap the bar, they will be instantly greeted by sweeping floral scents. And once it starts to melt on your tongue, these quickly build, with lavender notes leaping forth. We detected just a little bergamot too, which quickly gave way to hints of honey that lingered to give a lasting sweetness. A truly exceptional bar, that provides a unique end to an ideal Valentines gift.

This gift is priced just £24.95, and can be sent directly to chocolate lovers around the world, wherever they may be.


Buy Now

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday at Cocoa Runners

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We’re bringing chocolate lovers across the world fantastic savings this Cyber Monday.

For one day only, you can take 10% off our 3 Month Gift Tasting Course and 6 Month Gift Tasting Course. Send that special chocolate lover in your life the gift of four craft chocolate bars each month. They’ll also receive tasting notes to share the stories behind the bars, and access to the members area of our site.

What’s more, you can save 10% on our 2015 Christmas Collection. Inside this unique gift you’ll discover five carefully crafted chocolate bars, made by artisans the world over. With milk chocolate from the USA, white chocolate from the Dominican Republic and dark chocolates made in Vietnam, Madagascar and Spain, this is a wonderful introduction to the world of craft chocolate.

Just enter code CYBER at checkout to claim your discount today.

Cocoa Runners Craft Chocolate Collection

Introducing the Craft Chocolate Collection

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We are delighted to introduce the Craft Chocolate Collection.  Commissioned by Cocoa Runners, and hand crafted by artisan chocolate maker Jordi’s, this collection just goes to show that combining the finest ingredients can deliver a truly exceptional experience.

We bring you walnuts, coffee beans, cocoa beans and crystallised ginger, wrapped in rich dark chocolate.  Each piece is enrobed in a generous coating of top quality craft chocolate by hand.  This chocolate is a blend of the finest Madagascan and Colombian cacao.

The Madagascan cacao is sourced directly from world renowned cacao farmer Bertil Akesson.  Over the past decade, Akesson has worked to break the cacao monopoly that blocked the direct trade of cocoa beans from Madagascar.  He now sells his beans to chocolate makers of all sizes around the globe.  In 2015, his Madagascan cacao has earned recognition at both the International Chocolate Awards and the Academy of Chocolate Awards.  The signature flavour of Madagascan cacao is that of ripe, jammy berries.  Occasionally, Madagascan cacao also has a certain sharp, tart finish, but it is generally considered to be one of the lighter cacaos.

It is widely known that Colombia is well known for its coffee beans.  Colombian coffee often has a fruity base, with top notes of spiced cocoa.  Its caramel sweetness and nutty undertones are beloved by coffee lovers the world over.  What is perhaps less widely known is that Colombia also produces some wonderful cacao.  However this is a growing venture, with over 35,000 farmers now earning their living on cocoa production.

The Colombian cocoa in the coating for our Craft Chocolate Collection hails from the deep valleys of the southwest province of Huila.  This province was awarded the top prize in Colombia’s first National Cocao Contest.  Its cocoa boasts an exotic quality, with a mild aroma and a fruity flavour.  It has a remarkable intensity, which makes it the perfect counterpoint for the light, berry like notes of Akesson’s Madagascan cacao.

At 65% cacao content, it is a wonderfully well balanced blended craft chocolate; bold enough to stand up to the flavours of the fillings, yet not to intense so as to overpower them.  The finishing touch is a light dusting of cacao powder, added to ensure an intensely rich experience, from the very first bite.

Made exclusively for you in the Czech Republic by artisan maker Jordi’s, these delicacies are presented in an elegant chocolate brown drum.  We hope you’ll agree that they make a delicious gift that’s almost too good to share…

Chocolate Covered Cocoa Beans

An original twist on the classic chocolate coated coffee bean. Whole Madagascan cocoa beans are coated in Jordi’s signature dark chocolate blend and dusted with a fine layer of cocoa powder. An intense chocolaty experience with a delicious crunch from the fruity beans.

Chocolate Covered Ginger

Beneath the powdered surface are bite-sized chunks of crystallised ginger. The smooth and sweet dark chocolate perfectly balances the spicy intensity of the Chinese ginger. These warming treats are the perfect partner for a hot mug of cocoa tea.

Chocolate Covered Walnuts

Locally sourced Czech walnuts are coated in Jordi’s smooth dark chocolate. The earthy crunch of the walnuts acts as a perfect foil to the sweetness of the chocolate. As the walnuts crumble, they mix with the rich chocolate in an almost irresistible combination.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

This classic combination is raised to new heights by the finest quality ingredients. Brazilian and Colombian coffee beans have been roasted by a local Czech roasters according to Jordi’s own recipe. The mellow dark chocolate gives way to an intense coffee flavour.

For the latest chocolate news, offers and more