Fun Activities For Kids With Craft Chocolate

If you’re looking for an activity for one to while away an afternoon, or something to keep the children entertained for an hour, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. We’ve virtual chocolate tastings, activity kits, recipes and more to entertain the whole family.

Join In With Us…

Virtual Tastings

Join our chocolate experts for a bitesized tasting and learn all about the History, Science and Geography of cocoa these sessions are as fun as they are interactive.

Virtual Makes & Bakes

Join in as our chocolate experts create chocolate bars and lollipops using our activity kits. Learn how to temper chocolate and why craft chocolate makes the best homemade treats.

Make In Your Own Time

Family Recipes

Fantastic recipes to bake with the family. These child friendly chocolate recipes have been tried and tested by our team of bakers of all ages and abilities. They’re delicious and super easy to follow.

Craft Chocolate Activity Kits

Discover everything you need to make your own chocolate bars inside our Make Your Own Craft Bar Activity Kit.

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Make Your Own Chocolate Bar

Make Chocolate Bars In Under An Hour

Create your own craft chocolate bar with our brand new kit with everything you’ll need to make milk and dark chocolate bars at home.

Marbled Chocolate Lollipops

15 Minute Marbled Lollipops

Easy marbled white, dark and milk chocolate marbled lollipops you can rustle up in 15 minutes

Why Choose Craft Cooking Chocolate?

Why Choose Craft Cooking Chocolate?

It tastes better, is better for you, is super easy to use, and is better for the farmers and the planet – what’s not to love!

Cocoa Runners Bakery Range 2020

Home Baking with Cocoa Runners

Upgrade your next cake with Sambirano Valley cooking chocolate and cacao nibs from Madagascar and Kokoa Kamili cocoa powder from Tanzania!

Have a recipe you want to share? Write to us!

Have a recipe you want to share? Write to us!

Write to us at [email protected] or contact us via Instagram @cocoarunners

Children's Parties

Children’s Parties

Looking for a fun activity for your next children’s party? Great news! We now host craft chocolate talks and tastings for younger chocolate lovers. A wonderful way to create shared memories and enjoy great chocolate together from the comfort of your own homes.

What People Are Saying

The best cooking chocolate I’ve tasted in a long while!

Mairi, UK

The chocolate has been wonderful … brilliant flavours and textures!

Judy, Penhros

This cooking chocolate elevated my baked goods to a whole other level, you could tell the difference.

Elliott, West midlands

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