The Expert Baker’s Favourite Cooking Chocolate

Cocoa Runners cooking chocolate packs more flavour into every single bite. So if you’re looking to improve your bakes – for richer cakes, gooier brownies and more intense cookies – you need look no further. Making the simple to swap to single estate cooking chocolate and cocoa powder couldn’t be easier and it will improve your bakes in an instant.

Why Choose Cocoa Runners Cooking Chocolate

Instantly Taste The Difference

Single estate cooking chocolate simply bursting with the bright berry notes of Madagascan cacao.

A Cleaner Cooking Chocolate

At last! A baking chocolate that’s free from gluten, nuts and nasties. We’ve even a choice of vegan friendly couverture too!

So Easy To Work With

Our cooking chocolate comes in a cupboard friendly resealable bag that protects it and keeps the freshness in for longer, meaning you get our signature great taste in every bake.

Some Of Our Favourites

Cocoa Runners cooking chocolate is made to the highest possible standards.  It is directly sourced from farmers in Madagascar and Tanzania, and made in small batches by the same craft chocolate makers who make our chocolate bars.  This is the finest single estate cooking chocolate available today.

Whether you’re looking for quick chocolate mousse to bake with the kids, or a showstopper of a chocolate celebration cake to share with loved ones for a birthday, we’ve got you covered. Our recipe library is brimming with chocolate recipe inspiration for every occasion for bakers of all abilities.

Home Baking with Cocoa Runners

Meet Your New Secret Ingredients

Upgrade your next cake with every chef’s must have ingredients: Sambirano Valley cooking chocolate and cacao nibs from Madagascar and Kokoa Kamili cocoa powder from Tanzania!

Recipe Inspiration

Our Recipe Library

We’ve teamed up with chefs, bloggers and authors from around the world of food and drink to share their favourite chocolate baking recipes. There’s something for cooks of all abilities.

Make Your Own Chocolate Bar

Make Chocolate Bars In Under An Hour

Create your own craft chocolate bar with our brand new kit with everything you’ll need to make milk and dark chocolate bars at home.

Chocolate Dipped Spoon

Why Choose Craft Cooking Chocolate?

It tastes better, is better for you, is super easy to use, and is better for the farmers and the planet – what’s not to love!

Have a recipe you want to share? Write to us!

Have a recipe you want to share? Write to us!

Write to us at or contact us via Instagram @cocoarunners

What People Are Saying

The best cooking chocolate I’ve tasted in a long while!

Mairi, UK

The chocolate has been wonderful … brilliant flavours and textures!

Judy, Penhros

This cooking chocolate elevated my baked goods to a whole other level, you could tell the difference.

Elliott, West midlands

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