• Jul 25

    Celebrate summer with craft chocolate ice cream!

    By Nick Saxby  ·  Cooking & Baking, History & Culture, The World of Chocolate

    Let’s start with a question with a surprising answer (unless you’ve guessed from the above picture!): Which was the first item, after drinking chocolate, that chocolate was used as a base ingredient and ‘cooked’ with? Chocolate Ice Cream? Chocolate Mousse? Chocolate Digestive biscuits? Chocolate Brownies? Chocolate Cakes? The answer is chocolate ice cream; we’ve a […]

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  • Oct 18

    Cooking and Baking with Craft Chocolate

    By Cocoa Runners  ·  Cooking & Baking

    This week over a third of people watching TV (an estimated 6.9m people) tuned into the Great British Bake Off’s “Chocolate Week”.  To put this in context, around one in five Brits eat chocolate every day, over 70% of us eat chocolate at least once a week, and over 15% of households in the UK […]

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  • Feb 02

    Creating the Ultimate Drinking Chocolate

    By Elizabeth  ·  Cooking & Baking

    The weather here in London has taken a decidedly frosty turn, and we find ourselves reaching for a warming mug of hot chocolate. And for those of you in the US, our thoughts are with you as you face the “Polar Vortex”. As part of our mission to continually seek out the finest craft chocolate […]

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  • Jan 13

    Drinking Chocolate

    By Elizabeth  ·  Cooking & Baking

    How To Make the Perfect Hot Chocolate from Cocoa Runners on Vimeo. We’re always delighted to hear from chocolate lovers around the world, but over the past week we’ve been bowled over by the number of people who responded to our recent email about the chocolate drinks (both drinking chocolate and tea!) that we shared […]

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