• Sep 14

    What We’re Doing About Food Waste In Craft Chocolate

    By Nick Saxby  ·  Environment

    Since we started Cocoa Runners in 2013, we have been trying to explain why people should pay a little more for a craft chocolate bar than a mass produced bar. We believe craft chocolate bars taste better, are better for you and represent a better deal for cocoa farmers and our planet. Craft chocolate is […]

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  • Jun 23

    Is Craft Chocolate Organic?

    By Cocoa Runners  ·  Environment, Ethics

    During our Virtual Tastings we’re often asked, “What about organic chocolate?”. It’s a great question, but answering it is complicated at best. Here’s why: Craft Chocolate is all about bars that taste better, are better for you, and better for farmers and for the planet.  Organic food and farming have the same aspirations. Organic certification […]

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  • May 29
    Photo by Javier Rejon on Unsplash

    Water and Chocolate

    By Spencer Hyman  ·  Environment

    This weekend was meant to be about Cocoa Swimmers.  Cocoa Runners had planned to swim “Castle to Castle” with the wonderful Mike, Becca and Chocolarder team in Cornwall to raise money for the RNLI.  This sadly isn’t happening (next year!). Instead we are going to explore the links between chocolate and water. For most of recorded history […]

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