• May 13
    Levy Bars

    Introducing Levy

    By Cocoa Runners  ·  New Makers

    From the Northern Land that brought us Moomin, we are pleased to welcome Levy, “the tiniest and most uncompromising chocolate factory in Finland”. Founder Tom Jakobsson, stumbled into the world of single estate chocolate by a happy accident. In 2010, while working in advertising and graphic design,  he came across a video online about Brooklyn-based […]

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  • Jan 15

    Welcome Chocolarder

    By Olivia Parker  ·  New Makers

    Chocolarder is a small, ethical, and wonderfully innovative bean to bar chocolate maker based in Cornwall, UK. Once a pâtissier, Mike Longman founded Chocolarder in 2012, a bean-to-bar adventure that might not have seemed like too much of a deviation of professional interests. However, originally Mike began his gastronomic career as a part-time chef to […]

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