• Nov 22

    Colombia, Cocoa, Cheese, and Thanksgiving

    By Cocoa Runners  ·  The World of Chocolate

    Next Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US.  So we’d like to start by wishing all our American readers a happy holiday and suggest you celebrate with some Craft Chocolate, potentially with a Colombian twist: hot chocolate with cheese rather than marshmallows. In a last ditch effort to resist switching to Christmas shopping, we are exploring Colombian […]

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  • Nov 15

    Peruvian Chocolate and the Coca Leaf

    By Cocoa Runners  ·  The World of Chocolate

    Christmas, Black Friday and the like still aren’t quite “here” (although John Lewis’s Xmas ad is just breaking ….).  So this week we are going to be exploring cocoa bars, beans and drinking chocolate from Peru. The Peruvian jungle (along with Ecuador’s) is where Theobroma Cacao (aka the cocoa tree) is believed to have first […]

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  • Oct 11

    Thankful for Canada!

    By Cocoa Runners  ·  Tastings, The World of Chocolate

    This week at Cocoa Runners we’re all about Canada! This Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving, and we here at Cocoa Runners are certainly thankful for a lot that comes out of Canada. Any list of the world’s greatest Craft Chocolate makers will include the likes of SOMA, Palette De Bine, Qantu, Sirene and DesBarres (and some […]

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  • Aug 09

    Bridging the Gap – A Marketing Masterclass from Omnom and Zac Efron

    By Cocoa Runners  ·  In The Press, The World of Chocolate

    This week’s blog post is a celebration of some super smart marketing by Icelandic Craft Chocolate makers Omnom thanks to their friendship with the actor Zac Efron and their awesome “bridge” bars.  Omnom are masters at “bridge bars”. We’ll explain this concept below, as well as try to tempt you to enjoy, and to share, some […]

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  • Aug 01
    Coffee and Chocolate

    What Craft Chocolate can Learn from Specialty Coffee

    By Richard Morris  ·  The World of Chocolate

    Craft Chocolate aspires to enjoy the spectacular success story of Specialty Coffee.  The number of Craft Chocolate Makers over the globe has exploded in the last few years from less than couple of dozen to over a thousand (and the UK now has over fifty, up from less than five when we started CocoaRunners six […]

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  • Jul 26

    Introducing Soklet and Explaining the Importance of Dal in Craft Chocolate

    By Cocoa Runners  ·  New Makers, The World of Chocolate

    India doesn’t immediately spring to mind when one thinks of craft chocolate. Yet. But this is unfair and a misconception. Firstly, Indian culinary technology underpins the explosion of craft chocolate making over the last twenty years. Secondly more and more craft chocolate makers are exploring fine quality, heirloom cocoa varietals from India.  And thirdly India […]

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  • Jun 08

    Chocolate’s Dark History – and the importance of Transparent, Direct Trade

    By Cocoa Runners  ·  Site News, The World of Chocolate

    Craft Chocolate provides an amazing insight into flavour and is truly one of the most “affordable” luxuries to savour.  At the same time there is a darker history to chocolate’s affordability that shouldn’t be ignored, least of all in today’s troubling times.  By treating chocolate as a mere commodity and by buying chocolate snacks primarily off […]

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  • May 24

    The case for fruit and nuts in craft chocolate

    By Cocoa Runners  ·  The World of Chocolate

    In the world of craft chocolate, the subject of adding nuts and other “inclusions” to the cocoa bean is heated and vexed.  Purists insist on minimal ingredients. They sniff at the idea of flavour combinations, “additions” and the likes of “fruit and nuts”. At the same time, most craft chocolate aficionados have their “guilty secrets” […]

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  • Mar 15

    Jenny Samaniego – Crafting small-batch chocolate in Ecuador

    By Cocoa Runners  ·  The World of Chocolate

    Craft chocolate requires great beans that are carefully grown, fermented and dried by the farmer.  And then they require meticulous roasting, winnowing, grinding, conching and tempering in small batches by artisan chocolate makers.  Most other crafts – beer, wine, coffee, etc. – follow a similar pattern of farmer and maker working together (and/or being the […]

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  • Mar 08

    International Women’s Day

    By Cocoa Runners  ·  The World of Chocolate

    This weekend we are at the Craft Chocolate Festival in San Francisco! So if you are nearby, please do come by and say hello. And, as it’s International Women’s Day, we are donating 10% of all our web sales this weekend to a variety of women’s causes and charities.. We are delighted that being in […]

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