Chocolate Deep Dives

Cater to your tastes with out in depth virtual tastings which provided focused approaches to different aspects of chocolate. Find out if you’re a so-called “super taster” (and what that means – if anything) at our taste and flavour tasting where you’ll find out all about the science behind craft chocolate’s unique myriad of flavours. Or, if you’re more interested in the environmental impacts of the chocolate industry – and how craft chocolate is more helpful than harmful – see our environment tasting (coming soon).

Our In-Depth Special Sessions

Taste & Flavour

If you’ve ever wondered what gives craft chocolate (or anything) its distinctive, myriad of flavours then this is the tasting for you! the science of “taste” is fascinating and we’re here to supply you with the facts so you can better understand what exactly goes on when we taste chocolate. And if you’re intrigued by the blue tongue you see before you, come along and we’ll shed light on this bizarre image. Don’t worry, you won’t have to paint your tongue blue – but we WILL be testing whether or not you’re a super taster and what this might mean.

These tastings will be held every other Thursday from the 11th of October at 8pm (GMT).

How it works…
  1. Purchase your Taste and Flavour kit.
  2. Book which of our Taste and Flavour sessions you’d like to attend (see here).
  3. Connect to the live session via Zoom (we’ll email you the details).
  4. Discover, learn, enjoy and share a great moment at home.
What’s Included
– Taste 10 different chocolates to discover how roasting, concheing, percentages, milks and sugar impact flavour, taste and texture.
– Discover which chocolates are “bouba” are “kiki” – and why.
– Plus find out if you are a “supertaster” (without painting your tongue blue) and – spoiler alert – why this probably doesn’t matter.
Prices and Postage
  • Virtual tasting kits are £19.95 for couples and £34.95 for families (suitable for up to 6 people).
  • Postage is £3.95 (Royal Mail) for within the UK
  • Shipping costs may vary for international shipping.

Our environmental tasting will explore the adverse impacts chocolate growing and making can have on the environment as well as the farmers who grow it. We will address the detrimental effects mass produced chocolate has on the planet whilst highlighting (transparently) the positive impacts of many craft chocolate bars.

Coming soon…