Corporate and Private Virtual Chocolate Tastings

Cocoa Runners online chocolate tastings are a fun and unique experience to bring together your team and colleagues in the comfort of their own homes. Our virtual tastings are interactive and have been created for all levels of knowledge and interest. 

“The whole experience was fantastic. Would highly recommend it! 10/10”

– V.B, Prudential

“Brilliant and Insightful! Would definitely recommend, we had a lot of fun!”

– A.K, Google

“Thank you for going above and beyond on the logistics and for delivering a very insightful and engaging session! We had a wonderful time!”

– M.T, Google

“It was a great event and everyone had a fantastic time!”

– A.I, Accenture

How does it work?

  1. Select a date and time that suits your team (subject to availability) and prepay for the session. Select the tasting kit you would like to send out – and please note that we also offer Chocolate & Wine tasting kits
  2. We’ll send an email to each team member along with a voucher code for them to order their tasting kit directly from our website (they don’t need to pay for anything or you can offer a partial discount, etc.)
  3. We’ll deliver our chocolate tasting kits directly to each team member ahead of the session


What to expect?

Get in touch with us for more information: