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How healthy is craft chocolate? There are a lot of click-bait rumours out there! Click the button below for our summary of chocolate’s health impact, or browse specific articles further down.

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Can I eat chocolate if I’m pregnant?

At Cocoa Runners, the chocolate from our makers does not contain caffeine so pregnant women have no need to worry about our bars adding to their daily caffeine intake! All our bars have short, simple ingredients lists with no nasty additives.

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Does Chocolate Help You Sleep?

The more contentious question is “does chocolate at night keep you from sleeping” (or “will some chocolate in the afternoon act as pick me up”). To try and answer this question, we’ve researched some of the active ingredients in chocolate and tried to understand their impact.

dark milk

Dark Milk Chocolate: A low-sugar alternative

“Dark Milk” craft chocolate is a wonderful way to explore how milk can sweeten chocolate.

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Myth Busting: Is Dark Chocolate Vegan?

Yes! In fact, pure dark chocolate should only ever be made from cocoa beans and sugar, with the optional addition of cocoa butter (which, despite its name, is just the natural fat of the cocoa bean and so 100% plant-based).