New Supplier Enquiries

Cocoa Runners hamper filled with chocolate

If you’re a small batch, bean to bar chocolate maker and you think your bars would be a great fit for Cocoa Runners, we’d love to hear from you!

Please note that we focus on small batch, single estate craft chocolate bars – we don’t list bars from couverture, and we don’t sell filled chocolate bonbons.

Drop Us A Line

Before you send us samples, we’d love to know a little more about you. Please email with a quick introduction to yourself and your company, and how you go about turning beans to bars. Please be sure to tell us how you came to the world of chocolate and how you’re making your chocolate: how do you roast the beans, what sort of machinery do you use, etc.

It’s also important to us and to our customers that the makers that we collaborate with are fully aware of where they are sourcing their beans from – transparency in the supply of the cocoa is key, so be sure to include a quick summary of how you go about sourcing your beans.

Please be aware that while we love flavoured bars and bars with inclusions, we are currently only sourcing from makers who also have a range of plain, single origin bars that have been crafted from bean to bar (i.e. not exclusively flavoured bars or any that have been crafted from couverture). We will not list bars that contain stevia or other artificial sweeteners. Please only send us samples if your current range meet this criteria. We are extremely sceptical about claims on raw chocolate. If you do want to send us “raw” bars, please can you add details on how you ensure that you’ve removed any pathogens from your bars (e.g., flash roasting, use of herbicides / pesticides, etc.) and provide details of how you / your partners have fermented and dried your beans so that you can explain to customers the beans / cocoa has never been heated above 42 degrees.

2. Send Us Your Bars

We’d love to try any samples of bean-to-bar chocolate that you have available so please send them to the following address ensuring that you cover all freight, duties, etc.:

Spencer Hyman
Cocoa Runners
2.2B The Old Fire Station
140 Tabernacle Street

Please also clearly mark these bars as samples – and make certain that this is clear on the invoice you send as otherwise you will be liable for your freight forwarders VAT, tax, and clearance fees

We’ll try to respond to any samples we receive, but please note that we receive a large quantity of samples so may not always be able to respond quickly.

We look forward to hearing from you!